Thursday, 28 June 2012

LikeNet Code and Opp

Hey fans!  There is a code on their Facebook page and an opportunity for anyone who has a blog or webpage to earn 1000 points on LikeNET!  Thank you to Aileen Cameron and Carrie Spicer Newman for the head's up!

Link to for 1000.00 Points
Referrals Required: 0
Ignore this Opportunity
Put a link on your website or blog!

    Click ignore if you do not have a website or blog
    Place the following HTML code on your website or in a blog post about internet / websites:
    < a href="">SoftCorp Media Victoria | Web Design, Social Media and More </a>
    Make sure the article or link can be found within 1 click from your website's homepage and it publicly visible.
    Enter URL of article/page with link:

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