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LikeNET Tips was created by SoftCorp Software Ltd, a company located in Victoria, BC and is open to all Canadians and they looking to expand into the US in the future.

LikeNET uses a points system and each point equals one penny.  So 100 points = $1.00.  You can cash out and get paid at 3500 points or $35.00.  While this may seem high, I feel it is definitely worth my time.  By spending an average of less than 5 minutes every day, I earn from 1 point to sometimes more than a $1 a day.  I like to compare it to sites like SuperPoints where you can do 100 spins in a day and not earn any points at all.  If you look at it that way, even earning 1 point for 10 seconds of work every day it totally worth it.

If you sign up to LikeNET using a referral link from another member you start with 250 points automatically ($2.50).  LikeNET uses Facebook as their Login and you must allow LikeNET some basic permissions like being able to Post on your behalf and access your friend's list and contact information.  Because you must have a valid email to sign up with Facebook you won't get a confirmation email when you sign up.

When you log in you will see Tabs on the left that allow you to access the different sections of the LikeNET page:
  • Opportunities
  • Games
  • Leader Board
  • Contests
  • My Account

How can you earn with LikeNET?

They have various ways of earning which they call "Opportunities".  Each Opportunity has budget that is set by the business, so Opportunities are on a first-come first-served basis.  The various Opportunities they offer are:

Facebook Likes: "Like" a Facebook Page.  You ~must~ continue to Like the page to get paid out.  If you Unlike the page, when it comes to cash out time those points will be deducted from your total.
Facebook Shares: "Share" a status from a company on Facebook
Google +1: +1 a company through Google, this is equivalent to a Facebook "Like"
Leads: These are where a company pitches a product or service and you choose if you would like the company to contact you.  If you want them to contact you, you provide either your phone number or email to the company and they will follow up with you.
Website Codes: There will be code hidden on a website in one of the many pages.  The code will be in [Brackets].
eSurveys: These are short surveys that ask you targeted questions.

Each Opportunity that you do can be ignored.  If you don't want to participate in any of the Opportunities, you're not required to, but you won't get paid for them.

They also have the "Bonus Button".  If there are no Opportunities available, you can click the "Games" button and then scroll down to the "Free Daily Bonus" button.  You get from 0-10 points from the button and you can click it every day.

LikeNET also has "Bonus Codes" at least once every week.  These codes can be found usually on Facebook, but also sometimes on Twitter or in their email Newsletter.  Codes are usually designated by being in brackets [ ].  If there is a random post on the LikeNET Facebook page in brackets, better log in to LikeNET quick and put it in the "Bonus Code" spot located at the bottom of the "Games" section. Bonus Codes like Opportunities are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.  When entering the code, sometimes they do not copy and paste correctly and the code will say "Too Slow", in that case try typing it in.  Bonus Codes are always case sensitive and must be entered correctly.  Do not include the brackets, but do type in the code exactly as it appears.  If you have double-checked all of this and it still says "Too Slow" then the code has expired.

On the "My Account" section you will be able to change your settings.

You can choose to receive SMS Messages (text messages)
You will get both your LikeNET referral link and your LikeNET Business Portal Referral coupon code.
You can set your preferred payment method.  You can choose either having a cheque mailed to you, PayPal, or you can pick up your cheque if you're in Victoria.

Cash Outs:
When you reach 3500 points ($35.00) you will then be able to cash out.  LikeNET does their payouts on the 7th and the 21st of each month.  The $35.00 cash out and the twice monthly payout dates helps them reduce administration costs so they can provide you with more bang for buck aka "Opportunity".

Best of luck to you! ~Debbie S
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