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"Casino Tasks" are one of the ways I earn regular income with my money-maker sites.  At this time I do them on Clixsense, but they are available on all of the money-maker sites.  There are a lot of tasks available on the money-maker sites, however the easiest look like "Answer a few questions about a website (Canada - Wednesday task #5)" and are commonly referred to as Casino tasks.  Please note, not all the tasks that come out at this time are about Online Casino websites, but the majority of them are.

Canadian Casino Tasks come out every day and lately it's sporadic when they come out. You just follow the instructions on the page and then submit. Sometimes these tasks work, sometimes they don't. If they say "Finished" or "Thanks you've done all you can do" just go to the next one. Sometimes you can try to open them again after they say "Finished", but there is no guarantee they will have any tasks available.

If you get one that allows you to do some work, then the best advice I can give you is find the page and click on it, remember where it was on the Google list (1st page, 3rd on the list) then wait about 10 seconds, then click on the "Featured Games", wait about 10 seconds then click on the box at the bottom before you fill out any of the work. If it doesn't give you a red box with an error you can finish the work and submit it.  Some of the sites allow you to open the Casino Task in a new tab.  I recommend doing this if you can and then refresh the task page until the next one comes up and open it in a new tab as well, and continue until they are all gone.

At this time, the Casino Tasks always say the next day in the task.  So if it's Thursday today, the task will say Friday task.

Tasks do not come out all at once, they are staggered, sometimes with a few minutes in between each, sometimes a minute or more.  At this point they don't seem to come out in a discernible pattern anymore, but refresh the page often.  If you can open them in a new tab, it is much easier.  If not, you need to be quick, familiar with the task and able to answer it quickly before the next one comes out.  Sometimes a task may come out in a different order than normal, and sometimes it may be missing entirely.

Hope this helps you with your earning!
Debbie aka CMM&S aka CMMnS

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  1. thx for the post about how the tasks work :) they sure do go fast tho, but im starting to get the hang of it


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