Hey money-maker fans!  After SuperPoints closed I was left feeling like I needed another site to try out to fill the gap that was left by the shut down.  It was at that time that I started looking around for something else to try, and one of the sites that caught my attention was ClixSense.  One of my fans had been posting about it for a little while and since I no longer had SuperPoints I decided to take the plunge and try something new.  Since joining November 7th I have earned between $5 - $30 weekly.

I've included a screenshot of my recent payments from ClixSense.  Below is also a payment from BullFrog Solutions, but this is not from ClixSense.

ClixSense is different from the other money-maker sites I use in that it is not a "Search and Win" site like Swagbucks or GiftHulk.  You can search from ClixSense, but you will not earn anything from it.

ClixSense is PayPal or Cheque only for Canadians and as a Standard Member you can cash out at $8.00 and as a Premium member you can cash out at $6.00 and there is a 2% fee to cash out via PayPal.  If you are cashing out at $8.00, your fee will be $0.16.  Originally I was put off by this, but their payouts for offers and tasks far exceed this 2% and it no longer bothers me.  If you want to be paid by Cheque there is a $1.50 fee and the minimum is $10.00.  Their cheques are sent once a month on or before the 10th of the month.  Their PayPal payouts are by 5PM EST on Mondays and Fridays and I generally cash out on Friday morning and get my payment in the afternoon, but you can do so whenever you choose and your payment will arrive the following Payday. I will explain more about Standard and Premium in more detail further down into the review.

They do not have Gift Cards like Amazon, BestBuy, etc.  You must have a valid PayPal account or provide your valid name and address to get a cheque.  Unlike other sites they also use real currency amounts instead of the "points" system.  If an offer says it is worth $0.85, it is worth $0.85 USD.  All PayPal payments and cheques are in US currency.

You do not need referrals to earn with ClixSense.  If you did it all by yourself, and you regularly tried surveys and tasks, you can do well for yourself on this site, so I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to try a new earning site.

ClixSense has "PTC" ads which are "Paid to Click" ads.  These ads come up randomly throughout the day and are worth $0.001 to $0.02 depending on how long they are.
 Micro Ad is 3 seconds = $0.001
Mini Ad is 15 seconds = $0.005
Standard Ad is 30 seconds = $0.01
Extended Ad is 60 seconds = $0.02

Once you click on an ad you are required to complete the Captcha to view the ad.  On Clixsense their Captchas are very simple.  There are five pictures on the top of the page, four of these will be a picture of a dog and one of them will be a picture of a cat.  You must find the picture of the cat and click on it.  This is their way to ensure you are an actual human being and not just a bot.  Once you have clicked on the cat, you will see a timer counting down how long you must stay on the page viewing the ad.  Unlike some other websites you must stay on the page to watch the ad or the timer will pause.  If you go to a different tab, or click something else (like your toolbar SBTV) the timer will pause and stay that way until you return to the page and watch the whole thing until the timer counts down.  Once the time runs down you will be credited automatically for your view.

What makes ClixSense really stand out for me is it's payouts for Offers and Tasks.

ClixSense Offers are surveys, videos, trials, shopping (paid offers), downloads and "paid to call" offers.  Surveys are worth $0.70 to $1.50 each and there are a variety of survey companies you can try on a daily basis.  Some of these like PeanutLabs have surveys come up regularly, so it's good to check often.

Most of the offers are self explanatory, but "paid to call" offers are some of my favourite and the most lucrative.  I have been able to do three of these offers so far and each one paid $4.00 for a minimum of five minutes work.  Simply, you agree to call a company with a specially provided phone number that is unique to you for a certain amount of time and you speak with a rep to inquire about their services.  Two of these offers I had recently were to call Universities that offered Online Courses.  I was required to be on the phone for five minutes and you must ask natural questions regarding the products or services.  You are not allowed to tell the companies you're getting paid to call them.  You may be asked to give your name, phone number or email address, however you are not required to give them any information you do not want to give.  They always give the name of the company that you will be calling, so I always suggest doing a little research by searching the company name and looking at their website so you can prepare a few questions for your call.  Each offer will have certain requirements, so make sure you read the instructions carefully and follow through or you will not get paid.  Once you have completed your call, if you have completed it successfully you will be paid within a few minutes.

ClixSense Tasks are Crowdflower tasks that you can complete.  They have "Casino Tasks" like all the rest that come out daily.  These tasks vary day by day, so there are no "set" tasks that are always there, but I check often because Tasks are one of the best ways to earn on this site.  Many other sites have these Tasks, but ClixSense pays the best.  Whereas on Swagbucks Casino Tasks are 4 - 7SB each, on ClixSense they are $0.07 to $0.12 each.  You are also further encouraged to do tasks as they have a weekly Task Contest where the top Task Workers can earn a $2 - $50 bonus.  For those of us who aren't quite so hardcore, they still have a $5.00 automatic bonus for every $50.00 worth of tasks completed.

What can really make your earnings on ClixSense jump is also the Daily Checklist.  As a Standard member you earn 5% of your daily earnings and as a Premium member you earn 12% of your regular earnings.  This is a fantastic feature, as there is no cap to what you can earn with the bonus and the harder you work and more offers/tasks you do the better bonus you will receive.

To complete the Daily Checklist you must:
  1. Click at least 2 PTC Adverts of any kind;
  2. Click at least 15 ClixGrid squares. The more you click the more chances you have to win ClixGrid prizes which will then be counted towards the bonus as well.
  3. Because not everyone has offers or tasks available to do, and to give everyone a chance, you are required to complete only one of the following:
    1. Complete at least 10 CrowdFlower Tasks
    2. Complete at least 2 offers from the offers page
    3. Complete at least 5 CrowdFlower Tasks and at least 1 offer from the offers page
  4. Visit at least one page of our forum. Posting is not required.
Regarding the Tasks and Offers, if for some reason you do not get credit for completing them on a given day, or if payment is delayed into a following day, the checklist of that day will not take them into consideration; payments are not retroactive, they will instead count only towards the day when they are actually received. 

Just for doing tasks and offers I will earn a $0.69 bonus for December 15th as I am a Premium member and earn 12% of my daily earnings as a bonus. 

Like all other money-maker sites ClixSense has a referral program and you can earn from your direct referrals based on your membership level indefinitely.  There are no caps to what you can earn from your referrals (except Ad purchases). You do not earn an automatic bonus for a referral signing up.

Now what is a Standard member and what is a Premium member?

Standard Members
Standard members are those who sign up to the site.  Nothing is required other than verifying your email and filling out your information.  As stated previously you earn 5% of your daily earnings when you complete the Daily Checklist.  This bonus is given at "rollover" which is at 12:00AM EST.

25 chances at the ClixGrid and the ads are 10 seconds long.

For PTC ads your direct referrals will earn you:
Micro Ad = $0.0002
Mini Ad = $0.0010
Standard Ad = $0.0020
Extended Ad is = $0.0040

Offers = 5% of the Offer
Tasks = 5% of the Task

If your direct referral Upgrades to Premium you will earn a one-time $2.00 bonus. 

Ad or ClixGrid ad earnings per purchase = 10% up to $1.00 with a limit of $50.00 earned per referral.

Premium Members

Premium members are those who choose to upgrade their account with ClixSense.  Upgrading costs $17.00 per year which equals out to approximately $0.045 per day.  Now why would you want to PAY a site on which you're there to earn money?  Well, it's for the extra earning potential.  Premium members are guaranteed $0.04 per day in PTC ads every day.  This in itself almost covers your upgrade.  As a Premium member I regularly earn $0.10 - $0.15 a day just on PTC ads.  There are some ads that are only available to Premium members as certain advertisers want to target Premium members.

As Premium you also earn 12% of your Daily Checklist instead of the usual 5%.  This can add up to a lot of extra earnings depending on if you make your Daily Checklist on a regular basis.

50 chances at the ClixGrid and the ads are 5 seconds long.

For PTC ads your direct referrals will earn you:
Micro Ad = $0.0004
Mini Ad = $0.0020
Standard Ad = $0.0040
Extended Ad is = $0.0080

Offers = 10% of the Offer
Tasks = 10% of the Task

If your direct referral Upgrades to Premium you will earn a one-time $2.00 bonus.  As Premium you will also earn $1.00 each time one of your referral's referrals upgraded to Premium all the way down to your eight level downline referral.

Ad or ClixGrid ad earnings per purchase = 10% up to $2.00 with a limit of $100.00 earned per referral.

As a Premium member you will also earn an extra $0.50 automatic bonus once your direct referrals have earned $1.00 with PTC ads.  This is a one-time bonus and Standard members do no earn this bonus.

Do I recommend upgrading?  

That is a decision you have to make for yourself and weigh the pros and cons.  For myself I am an active member that attempts surveys and completes tasks daily.  Just with Casino Tasks alone I usually complete 10 Tasks and then finish off the rest of the Daily Checklist to earn my bonus.  This alone makes upgrading worth it to me as otherwise my daily bonus would be much smaller.  On average with 10 Casino Tasks I earn $0.70, and I usually earn another $0.10 in PTC.  If all I earn is $0.80 a day, my bonus is $0.096 as a Premium member. If I was a Standard member, my bonus would be $0.04 so I earn $0.056 more simply by being upgraded which while not substantial is still worth the the $0.045 per day of upgrading, especially since I am guaranteed $0.04 in PTC ads per day.  If you don't regularly meet your Daily Checklist, then I don't recommend upgrading, because in the end I don't feel that it would be worth it for you. 

To upgrade you can choose to make a payment via PayPal or you can save up your earnings and fund your upgrade that way.  It is $17.00 per year, and starts immediately as soon as the payment is made.  If you are going to upgrade, do so on a day where you have made the Daily Checklist and have done well that day.  As a bonus to being upgraded to Premium you will have a bunch of new PTC ads that will help boost your daily bonus. 

Other Features:

The ClixGrid is a "game of chance".  It is a large grid and you can earn between $0.10 to $5.00 with one click.  There are no "guaranteed" ways to win on the ClixGrid.  You are required to do the ClixGrid 15 times to complete your Daily Checklist, but any other tries are optional.  Like the PTC ads you are required to stay on the page for 5 seconds if Premium and 10 if Standard member.


The Search feature is available if you'd like to use it, but you will not earn anything from it.


Games are also available if you want something to do in between Tasks and Offers, but there is no payment for doing Games.


The Forum is a requirement for the Daily Checklist, but you only have to visit it once and you are not required to post.  There is a lot of information about Tasks and Surveys and you are encouraged to discuss Tasks and Offers and post your payment proofs.  There is also a spot to celebrate your ClixGrid earnings or your Daily Checklist bonus.


You can also Advertise with ClixSense as well.  You can choose to buy ads from Micro to Extended or a GlixGrid ad.  You can advertise your Blog, business, or other referral links to other sites.

Since joining, ClixSense has quickly become my top earning site, even over Swagbucks.  The only thing in my opinion that could make it better is if I could redeem for, but I can transfer the PayPal money to my own account and with the last few weeks earning $20.00 - $30.00 a week, the money quickly adds up.

As always I am happy to help if you contact me on my Facebook page, and I hope this has helped you with a little more insight into how to earn from ClixSense.  If you would like to join my team, you can click the button below.

You can also check out this brief video:

Good luck with your earnings and hope this helps you! 

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