Monday, 30 July 2012

CantBeatFree Code

Hey CantBeatFree fans!  There is a promo code out for 6points on the video on the News.  Enter the promo code Here.

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans! There is a code out on Twitter for 4SB until 4:45pm PST! Thanks to Monique Sampson for the head's up!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swaggerfans.  Code out on Twitter for 3SB until 5:30PM PDT.  Thank you to Karen Cail Hill for the head's up.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans.  There's a code out on Twitter for 3sb until 7:30pm PDT.  Thanks to My Money Sites and Monique Sampson for the head's up.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 22nd

So, who made all 21 days so far?  It's been a rough go, especially with the week having 90, 100 and 140SB goal days.  It was crazy!  Have to admit while I like the thought of earning extra SB, I'm ready for the goal days to be over for a little while.  I wouldn't mind so much if they were no more than 80SB per day, but 140 was really hard.  They could cut down on how much of a bonus you get, and make the daily goals easier.

I suggest the following bonus opportunities, with highest goal at 80SB per day.  They could also have a "toggle" option.  This bonus opportunity set for those who are more casual swaggers to give them a chance, and then their regular goals, that go up to 140SB per day that I've seen.  Once you pick one, you're stuck with it, but it gives more people a chance to earn.

7 days - 10SB
14 days - 25SB
21 days - 50SB
Full month - 100SB

But thankfully since it's the weekend, today's goal is only 60SB, so I'll likely make that even with being lazy.  Good luck everyone.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Trident Canada Free Gum

Morning Freebie fans! Trident Canada has free gum! These freebies go quickly, but there are quite a few, 40,000 in fact, and there was still about 13,000 each when I got mine. As with many of these giveaways, you'll receive your freebie in 4 to 6 weeks.

Choose your flavour:
  •  Sweet Cherry+Island Lime
  •  Orchard Peach+Ripe Mango

Thank you to Carmen Vickery and Trisha Monahan for the head's up!
Terms & Conditions: Limit of one free pack of Trident Layers per person. Starting July 19 through August 31, 2012, 40,000 samples of Trident Layers gum (20,000 per flavour) will be available for giveaways. Offer expires the earlier of August 31, 2012 or when all 40,000 packs of gum have been given away. Must be 18 or older. Offer only available in Canada.

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 21st

Good morning Swaggerfans!  Happy Saturday!

Today is a special day.  If you have gotten the daily goal every other day this month, today is day #21 of the promo.  That means if you complete today's goal you are guaranteed 200SB bonus!  Since today's goal is a nice relatively easy 50SB, I am sure you can all make it with some games, searches, dailies and a little SBTV if necessary.  Good luck guys!

Swagbucks Code

Good morning Swaggerfans!  There is a code out on Swagbucks Facebook page for 6SB until 10AM PDT.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Videos Alert

Hey money-maker fans!  I had two videos on the Radium One offer wall on CantBeatFree.  You should also see these available on the Radium One offer wall on Swagbucks, SuperPoints, GiftHulk, iRazoo and Zoombucks.

iRazoo Treasure Code

New iRazoo Treasure code.  Enter "newvideosarecoming" without the quotation marks into the Treasure code box.  Code expires 7/26/2012 1:03 pm EST.  Thanks to Tamara Vankoughnett for the head's up!

Nivea Sample - 500 Only

Hey Freebie fans, sign up for your free Nivea Sample! Only 500 available, and I'm sure they'll go quick!

Just ordered mine! "Thank you, your sample has been ordered. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing and shipping."

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 20th

Wow, they are really trying to break the streak!  Today's goal is 140SB, the highest I've seen since Swagbucks introduced the daily goals.  I hope they will be having some massive codes to compensate.  Yesterday I managed quads, which was great, but I'm hoping that doesn't mean I'll be stuck on Singles today.

Guess I'm going to have to go for maxing SBTV today, but we'll have to see!  Good luck!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Liberte FPC Giveaway

CMM&S has a new Giveaway! Click Here to enter to win a Liberte yogurt FPC. Coupon expires August 31st, 2012. Giveaway ends July 22, 2012 at approximately 7pm, CST. Winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entrants (Canada Only). Winner will be notified via email and they will have 48 hours to respond to the email confirming their address.

Where is TSG (The Swag Guy) Clues and Code

Hey Swagbucks fans! There is a code out for finding TSG again.  This time for 8SB until 3pm PDT

Here are your clues:

#1 from Blog: Today, for The Swag Guy’s last stop, he’ll be heading back to North America. Here is today’s first clue: In this town you might catch the blues.

#2 from Twitter: TSG is in a 2 word city that starts and ends with the same letter.

#3 from Blog: When you think you have figured out where TSG is, go to our Flickr page and search the Official Swagbucks Photostream for that city. One of the resulting photos will have an 8 Swag Buck code good until 3pm PDT. Good luck!

Swagbucks Code

Good morning Swaggerfans!  There is a code out on the Blog for 4SB until 8am PDT.

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 19th

19 days and still going strong!  Today is going to be another tough day, with 90SB.  It's a good thing I work at a computer all day so I can just click the next video on the little toolbar SBTV window.

How many of you are still in the game for 21 consecutive days to get 200SB bonus?

Hope you all make it today!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Ohhh noooo!!! Tonja Lewis has started something!

With my little "game" on Facebook she introduced me to Freaky Pets...

Well, I am a plushie fanatic.  I love all things plushie, and these Freaky Pets are so cute!  I just ordered 3 of them!  And even better, I found an online coupon code that still works!  Each Freaky Pet is $8.99 right now and I found a coupon code to take off another $5.50 FOR EACH Pet!  If you love plushies, or your kids love plushies, visit and browse the plushies.  Once you've got the ones you want in your cart, enter coupon code "GWEEK550" without the quotation marks.

3 FreakyPets cost me $10.47 (CHEAP!) + $8.00 shipping (very reasonable!)  So all totaled $18.47 for 3 super cute plushies and all of it technically free because I used my PayPal balance from LikeNET to pay for it! :)

They also have a Facebook page, where they do Freaky Pet giveaways, check it out!

Videos Alert

Good evening money-maker fans!  I had a "Meet Me" video on the Gambit 11 on CantBeatFree.  You will also find these videos on SuperPoints Video tab and on GiftHulk Offer Wall#6.

Had the same video on Matomy Media on CBF and you can also find it on SuperPoints Matomy Wall and GiftHulk Offer Wall#2

SBTV Mobile

Dear Swagbucks members.

I received an email from Swagbucks concerning SBTV Mobile.  They have confirmed that Canadians are ~NOT!~ eligible for SBTV Mobile.  If you are using a workaround to get it, you are using it against their Terms of Service.

Email from Swagbucks July 17, 2012

Hi Debbie Spence, 

Thank you for your email and I apologize for any confusion. The app is not available to Canadians at this time but will be available in the near future. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns, we are always happy to help.

Thank you again for your continued support of Swagbucks. We look forward to helping you enjoy your experience with us.


Jon, Team Agent
Swagbucks Support

Your case number is: 00429116 

Where's TSG (The Swag Guy) Clue#2 and Code

Hey Swagbucks fans!  On Facebook Swagbucks asks: "Which of these stones is a clue?"  The most popular answer is a clue to which city TSG is in.  Search that word in the SwagStore to find TSG and the code.  Code is for 7SB until 4pm PDT!

Good luck!

LikeNET Update

LikeNET has confirmed that all members that had $35 or more in their account prior to all of the changes will be getting their payout.  They have already gone through and have set the balance to Zero on all eligible accounts and the information has been transferred to Accounts Payable to process the payments.  Your method of payout will be the method on your account as of today.  If you chose PayPal, you will receive a PayPal payment, if you chose cheque, you will receive a cheque.  Thank you to Karen Cail Hill for the head's up.

From their Facebook page:

"As we work our way through a new model for LikeNET, it is clear to us that moving from a $35 to $50 payout was a necessary business decision.

We apologize for taking this step without notice and agree that LikeNET users who had $35 or more in points banked when the decision was made should be paid. PayPal payments and/or cheques (depending on how you are set up in our payment system) will be sent this week to those people who had $35 or more banked.

We understand that LikeNET users want to earn more points and we will post more opportunities as they become available. Please note that the daily bonus button was not part of the original LikeNET system and was offered as a bonus gift to LikeNET users.
It may appear again.

We continue to work towards the introduction of a new model within the next two weeks and thank those who have continued to support us."

Disney Movie Reward Code

New code out for Disney Movie Rewards.  Enter "macintosh" without the quotation marks into the Magic Code box for 10 points.

Thank you to Free Samples in Canada for sharing!

Where's TSG (The Swag Guy)? Clue#1

Hey Swagbucks fans!  There is another game of "Where's TSG?" today.  The first clue to today's search is on Twitter.  Apparently it was also a code until 7am PDT, but I was still sleeping for that!

Clue #1: ColinFarrell

So it could mean that TSG is where Colin Farrell is from?  A quick SwagSearch to Wikipedia states that Colin was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 18th

And Swagbucks is off and making us work hard again! Another 100SB goal day. I really wish they would keep the goal no more than 80 per day, which makes it attainable for more people. Especially since Canadians don't get as many offers.

I hope you all make it and that you continue on your "streak" towards the 21 day consecutive goal to be guaranteed an extra 200SB.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 17th

Hey Swaggers!  Are you still on track to make 21 days of the promo?  I wasn't sure I was going to make Monday's goal, but I just managed to do it.  Today I was able to do it no problem, so I'm hopeful I'll be able to get 21 days and earn an extra 200SB.

 I ~might~ be able to get the full 30 days, but I'm not sure yet.  Today's goal was pretty easy with doing SBTV all day.  Hope you had a great day and made the goal!

Swagbucks Code

Swagbucks Code for 6SB until 6pm PDT, here you are your 3 clues:

#1 Here's today's first clue: TSG has been through a 12-hour time difference since yesterday, yesterday he was in Rio de Janeiro
#2 Unscramble these letters to find the two-word name of the first mayor of the city TSG is currently in. EHAAAMRTTU
#3 Check out our Pinterest page. Click on our pins. One of them will lead you to TSG's current location, which is a code worth 6 Swag Bucks until 6pm PDT!

Thanks to My Money Sites for all the help.

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans!  There is a code out on Facebook for 5SB until 1pm PDT.  Thank you to Kate Staffleitner for the head's up!

Also, Swagbucks is doing a "Where is TSG" game again, which ended up in a code yesterday.  Unfortunately I'm super busy today, but will try to give you hints later if I can when I get home, unless it's over by then.  Thank you to Trisha Monahan for this update!

Fido Surprises

Are you a Fido customer? At 1pm EST Fido will be doing a new Fido Surprises gift. Bookmark this Link to ensure you are ready.

GiftHulk Code and GHTV Update

Good afternoon GiftHulk fans!  Received a Newsletter from GiftHulk about GHTV, which is now currently only open to US members while they do some final beta testing.

In the Newsletter was a code for 5HC for the first 5000 users.  It is still active as I just got the points.  Enter "gifthulktv" without the quotation marks into the Fountain of Youth for your points.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Swagbucks Code

Hi guys, there is a Swag Code available on an item from the SwagStore for 6SB until 4:30pm PDT: Swagbucks Twitter had a clue for the word you have to search in the SwagStore.

Thank you to Erik Sc-s for the head's up.

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 16th

Good morning Swaggers!  Another day, another goal.  Today's goal of 80 is probably going to pass me by.  Going to be with my family for most of the day today, so unless I can get some good search wins, or a super easy survey tonight I might not make it.  We'll have to see what time I get home though.

Hope everyone makes it, and hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Book Giveaway from Just A Girl Geek

Hey giveaway fans!  Are you passionate about reading, just like you are about Giveaways?  Head on over to Just A Girl Geek and check out Christine's blog and enter her Giveaway for a copy of Small Medium at Large by Joanne Levy.

There will be TWO prizes!

ONE winner will receive a signed copy of Small Medium at Large and a wristband, and ONE winner will receive a signed Small Medium at Large bookmark and a wristband!

Winners will have 48 hours to reply after being contacted. If I don't hear from you another name will be chosen.  Contest is open until 11:59pm ET on Saturday, July 21, 2012.

Coupon Giveaway from Canadian Coupon Trains

Good morning coupon fans!  Click Here to visit Canadian Coupon Trains if you love joining Coupon Trains and click on the Register button on their page to get your name in for future trains.  They're also doing a coupon giveaway.  Click Here to visit their Giveaway tab.  Contest will run until July 31st and the winner will be chosen August 1st.

They are giving away an envelope of coupons consisting of:
  • 5 Johnson & Johnson Coupons
  • 2 Clover Leaf Coupons
  • 6 Tabasco Coupons
  • 2 Celestial Seasonings Coupons
  • Liberte Greek Yogurt Coupon (FREE)
  • Danone Coupon

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 15th

Good morning Swaggerfans!  Today marks the first day of the third "stretch" of the daily goal bonuses and it's a pretty easy one.  If you have already gotten all 14 previous days, now it's time to try and get the 200SB bonus for completing 21 days straight.  I don't think I'll make it as I will be away most of Monday and all next week.  I wish all of you luck though!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 14th

Happy Saturday Swaggerfans!  The weekend means easier goals so you can go out and enjoy your weekend!  Today's daily goal is 60 and today marks Day 14 of their special promo to get Bonus Bucks for getting the goals in a consecutive streak.  If you have made it every day until now, and reach today's goal you will be guaranteed 100SB extra at the end of the promo plus the 10% daily bonus.  How many of you have made it so far? 

Videos Alert

Good morning money-maker fans!  I had a "Dove Tonic" video on the Gambit 11 on CantBeatFree.  You will also find these videos on SuperPoints Video tab and on GiftHulk Offer Wall#6.

Had the same video on Matomy Media on CBF and you can also find it on SuperPoints Matomy Wall and GiftHulk Offer Wall#2

Zoombucks Code

Good morning Zoombucks Fans!  There is a code out for 4points: ILOVEFREESTUFF

Thank you to Eric Sc-S for the head's up!

Friday, 13 July 2012

CantBeatFree Code and Birthday Promos

Hey CantBeatFree fans!  CBF has a special code out on a video from J on their News section for 3 points.  They also have some promos for the rest of July.

They are increasing their Jackpots, offering more promo codes and also offering a special Birthday Jackpot to win $100!  So, now is a pretty good time to join, and I'd love if you'd consider joining my team and I will of course be happy to try to answer any questions you may have.

CBF is also offering unlimited $20 VIP cards!  For those who are money-making machines, this is an awesome promo.  I'm still working on my first $25.00 GC worth 2450 points to get to VIP.  This works out to 98 points per $1 which is still pretty good, and once I've reached that first one, I'm eligible for VIP Prizes.

VIP Members get to cash out for $20 AGC or Paypal for only 1650 points, making it only 82.5 points per $1, compared to SB's 90 points per $1 Amazon, which you can only receive 5 x $5 AGC per month and their PayPal is even more.  Normally CBF users can get 3 x $20 VIP cards per month, still allowing you to redeem for $60 at a very excellent point ratio.

Click Here or above to join my CBF Team

Swagbucks Code

Good morning Swaggerfans!  There is a code out on their Facebook Page for 4SB until 6AM PDT.

Thank you to Eric Sc-s for the head's up!

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 13th

Another high goal of 100SB.  I think they're really trying to break everyone's streak.  I get my points mostly from SBTV which literally takes all day.  I will be away from a computer pretty much all Monday and all the next Monday and Tuesday. 

Good luck getting the goal.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 12th

Hope everyone made today's goal of 80SB!  If you've made it this far getting the goal every day you only have 2 more days to hit 14 straight days to get the 100SB Bonus.

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans, there is a code out on Twitter for 6SB until 6pm PST, so almost gone!  Grab it now if you can!

Thanks to Monique Sampson and Erik Sc-s for the head's up!

iRazoo code

Hey iRazoo fans, there is a new Treasure Code available for 50 points.  This one is a biggie!

Enter "EddieMurphy" without the quotations into the the Treasure Code box:  Expires: 7/15/2012 10:36:00 AM EST.

Thank you to awesome fan Kate Staffleitner for the head's up on this one again! 

GiftHulk TV

Hey GiftHulk fans!  There is a new feature that GiftHulk is testing right now, GiftHulk TV!  If you're a member of SB, it's the same sort of idea.  For every 10 videos, you get 2 HC.  While this may not seem like a lot, it does help to get your points up there if you have the time.

GiftHulk TV is currently in Beta Phase and available only to Canadian GiftHulkers.  If you click the "Earn" button at the top of the page, you'll see the dropdown of available ways to earn and GiftHulk TV is the bottom listing.  Click on it, and it will bring you to their special page.  You will see a message there stating "To watch GiftHulk TV and earn awesome prizes you must log in" and then you will see a Connect to Facebook button.  Click this and log in through Facebook to have access to GiftHulk TV.

To fill the progress meter, you need to watch new videos.  Watching videos you previously watched before will not count towards your progress meter.  You will also need to watch the complete video to get credit.

Just from the short time I've been using it, I've noticed that after you finish a video,another video comes up and plays, but it doesn't count towards your progress meter.   At this time there isn't a way to click "Next Video" without going to "Related Videos" underneath, or going back to the list you choose and then choosing the next video.  If you click the "Related Videos", it takes you to a whole different section.  

If you're like me, you like to be able to just click the next video, as this is simple and easy.  The way it stands now, it's a little difficult to keep track of where you are, especially if they add new videos frequently.  What I have been doing is clicking the section that I'm watching which currently is "Entertainment" and the "E!" section, so it takes a lot of extra time to keep watching the videos in order so you can keep track.  I would much prefer to use it if they had the bar underneath like they do before you choose a new video as a permanent feature, just like SB, that would be great.  I would also like to see a "Pop-up" version like the Toolbar SBTV so that you can have it to the side of whatever else you're working on, and then just click the next video.

I have noticed that GHTV has seemed to slow down my computer considerably.  I am a notorious multitasker with no less than about 5 or 6 different pages at a time, like Facebook, Hotmail, Blog, SP, GH, SB, etc.  Before opening GHTV I had no problems going in between pages, even on my slower work computer.  As soon as GHTV started loading, the speed went right down, and even as I'm typing I'm noticing a lag.  Hopefully this is something they can address as I don't have the same issues with SBTV.

One of your fellow fans, Kate Staffleitner noted that currently the maximum rounds of GiftHulk TV is 5, earning you 10 HC.  This could be only for Beta, or could be permanent.  There doesn't seem to be anywhere that confirms what the daily maximum is, but Kate got through 5 rounds (50 videos) and was told to come back tomorrow.  I want to send a special thank you to Kate for the head's up on GHTV and for telling me about the maximum daily for now.

If you have any suggestions, or encounter an problems with GHTV, GiftHulk wants to hear from you:
"If you experience any bugs/inconvenience or just want to suggest us something about GiftHulk TV - feel free to contact us!  You can do that at our Facebook page, tweet @GiftHulk, submit a Support Ticket ( or send us an e-mail via a Contact Form (!"

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Swagbucks Code

Swagbucks fans, there is another code out on Facebook for 3SB until 7pm PDT, so almost over.

Thanks to My Money Sites, Amanda Cullen, Dominic Ratelle and Rich Chong for letting me know about it!  I have the best fans, you guys are awesome!

LikeNET New Feature

Hey LikeNET fans, there is a new feature on LikeNET.

We now have LikeNET ID's for our account.  To get your ID, click "My Account" and it will be right at the top.  It looks like this ID will be used for particular opportunities.  Right now there is an opportunity for Victoria LikeNET fans to get a free 12 oz when they visit Gorgeous Coffee between July 12th and 19th.

I would definitely go for this if I lived in Victoria!

I really hope they can do the same thing in other cities, and I look forward to seeing what they come up with.  I definitely want to see LikeNET stick around.

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans! There is a code out on the Swidget for 4SB until 11:30am PDT. A Swidget that usually works for me is Here.

Swagbucks Captchas Gone?

So it's been 3 rounds of SBTV, and no Captchas...I don't know if I should start celebrating or not. Last time I had them for 2 months, and then they went away for about a week, then I had them for about a week or so again and now they appear to be gone. I definitely don't want to get my hopes up, only to have them dashed again! For the most part, I've learned to be pretty vigilant about the Captchas. If I think for any reason I won't be near my computer on the last round, I won't click the next video. Of course sometimes interruptions happen. Do you have Captchas?

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 11th

Good morning Swaggerfans!  Looks like Swagbucks wants to give us a real challenge to keep the streak going.  Previously the highest daily goal I'd seen was 120, and today's goal is 130.  If I do SBTV all day I should make it, but we'll have to see.

Hope everyone makes it!  Good luck.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Liberte Greek Yogurt FPC MB & SK Only

It's time for all you who live in MB and SK to have a turn at getting a Liberte Greek Yogurt FPC (Free Product Coupon). Head on over to their Facebook page to get yours!

$200 YMCA Voucher Giveaway

One lucky fan of my Facebook page will win a $200.00 YMCA Voucher.  This Voucher was won by me from the P&G Mom Fun contest.  I haven't found a need for it, and since it's expiring at the end of August, I thought I could do a big giveaway!  Click Here to go directly to the entry form.

The giveaway is exclusively on my Facebook page and all entrants will be required to provide their full mailing address.  The winner will be chosen by random draw from all eligible entries on July 17th, 2012 at 7pm CST and announced and emailed shortly thereafter.  The winner will be emailed, requesting they confirm their mailing information and will be required to respond to the email within 48 hours.  To ensure you receive this email, please consider adding to your contacts list.  If the chosen winner fails to contact us within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Prize consists of 1 $200.00 Voucher to YMCA and is open to Canadians Only. 

This voucher is valued st $200 CND redeemable towards the registration cost of any YMCA program. Voucher is valid at any YMCA location in Canada only. Voucher may be applied towards the registration cost for multiple programs, as long as registration for these programs is done at the same time and is for a member of the holder's immediate family and/or persons living in the same household. The holder of this voucher is responsible for any costs or registration fees that exceed the value of the voucher ($200 CDN). If the cost of registration is less than $200 CDN, the holder will not receive the difference between the cost of the program and the value of the voucher ($200 CDN). Voucher cannot be redeem for cash. Voucher expires August 31st, 2012 and must be applied towards the cost of program registration by that date or will be deemed to have been forfeited. The voucher must be redeemed in person at your local Y. For more information call 1-866-989-3591

Swagbucks Code

A second code out today, this time on Twitter for 3SB until 8:30pm PDT!

Thank you to My Money Sites for the head's up!

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 10th

Hey Swaggerfans!  Another tough goal today.  Today's goal of 100SB is one of the higher ones.  The highest I've seen it go since the Daily Goals have started was 120SB.  For the casual Swagger, this is near impossible.

Thanks to clicking SBTV all day, I've made the goal again today, which makes 10 days in a row.  I'm guaranteed 25SB bonus + 10% of each daily goal so far.  Reaching each day's goal can mean a lot of extra SB.  If you reach the goal every day this month you'll earn 300SB bonus + 10% of each day.  It's going to be tough!

I wish everyone luck, but don't be discouraged if you don't make the daily goal every day.  You'll still get 10% of each goal you did make.

LikeNET Update

LikeNET has had another unannounced change with the removal of the Daily Bonus button.

LikeNET: "obviously we know removing the bonus button is unpopular - however we cant just pay people to click a button that has no value to any business. we recommend subscribing to SMS alerts via 'my account' these are of no charge to you, and will let you stay in the loop when there are opportunities or bonus codes, so you do not have to spend time checking likenet. likenet is a way of getting money for free - by doing very simple and quick tasks - but businesses have to want you to complete a task, for money to be available. we are starting a new effort to obtain opportunities from businesses - we have also made it very easy for YOU to make money by referring businesses to post opportunities" It's a shame that it had to come to this point. I believe the idea is great, but their business model is not working, which is a shame. It could have been good for both businesses and consumers alike. I am disappointed with this change and I really think that removing the Daily Bonus will cause some people to leave, which will not be good for LikeNET's reputation.

While they mention that they give us the LikeNET members lots of ways to refer businesses to LikeNET, there is only so much we can do, and LikeNET has to be able to sustain itself through companies they can get, not through what the members direct to them.

I hope they can turn things around, but at this point it is just a waiting game. As always CMM&S will keep you updated on any changes to come.

LikeNet Payment

Hey fans.  If you redeemed for July 7th's cut off, your payments will be coming out soon if they haven't already.  I just got my PayPal payment.

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks Fans! There is a code out on the blog for 4SB. It doesn't say when it's good until, so get it while you can. Thank you to My Money Sites and Eric Sc-s from my fan page for the head's up. Good luck!

Monday, 9 July 2012

LikeNET Update

LikeNET has released an official statement regarding the change of Cash Out limit to 5000.

"As an official statement regarding the 5000 points payout limit - at the moment we are revamping several things to make LikeNET more sustainable - which will likely include less frequent, but higher value opportunities. We have hired a new marketing director and have apps pending approval for the ios app store and android market. there are some big changes coming to LikeNET. We apologize for the abrupt changes and delays."

What this means for LikeNET, I can't really speculate.  I hope that good things are coming and that they continue to grow and expand and that they can keep up with their payments as well as bring out lots of new opportunities.  I wish them all the best for sure.

For those that cashed out just prior to the July 7th cashout, they are working on processing payments at this time as the 7th fell on a Monday.  So your payouts will be coming out soon.

Also, if you cashed out on June 21st, they had some delays with the cheque payments and they are still coming if you haven't received them.

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans!  There is a code out on Twitter for 5SB until 6pm PDT!

Good luck!

CantBeatFree Code

Hey CantBeatFree fans! It's Monday, which means another Monday promo code on the video. Click "News" on the Navigation Panel and watch the video. J will tell you what it is.

The code will be all smaller case. Enter it Here to get your 5 CBF points.

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 9th

Good afternoon Swagbucks fans!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Now that the weekend is over, the Swagbucks Daily Goal is higher again.  Today's goal is 90SB and can be tough to get for sure!  I hope everyone has lots of luck with surveys, offers, or whatever it is they do to get their daily goal.  Thanks to a couple search wins and SBTV I made the goal for today.  What about you?

GiftHulk Code

Good morning GiftHulk fans!  There is a Fountain of Youth code out for 5HC valid for the first 5000 users.

Enter "referral20percent" at the Fountain of Youth and you will be awarded with 5 Hulk Coins!

Thank you to Eric Lee for the head's up!  Sadly I always get my newsletter late in the evening.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans!  There is a code out on the Swidget for 6SB until 1pm PDT.  Thanks for the head's up Eric Lee!

I used this one and it worked: Changes Quick Update

Yesterday I posted how had changed their cash out minimum to 5000 points or $50.00 and that the referral budget was empty at this time.

I received confirmation from Eric MacDougall that this is temporary. He didn't offer any further comment on the situation, however it's been confirmed that this is a temporary situation.

If I hear anything more, I'll keep you updated as always!

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 8th

Good morning Swaggerfans!  Today's Daily Goal is a nice easy one.  At 50SB, it is relatively easy to get if you can get 2 or 3 search wins, do games, daily poll, NOSO and maybe a couple rounds of SBTV if necessary.

Hope everyone can get it!  Good luck!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tips on entering Facebook "Share" Contests.

Some tips on entering Facebook Contests.

Often you will be asked to Like and Share a status or picture to enter a contest.

When this happens, pages like mine Share the status with you our fans so that you can also see it and enter. However, Liking and Sharing the status of the page that you saw it on, will not enter you into the contest.

If it is a photo that is being Shared, you need to click on the photo that was Shared. The photo will pop up and will have the contest requirements. Please read them, and then depending on what they require you will then need to Like, Comment and Share that photo per the contest rules.

If it is a status, again sharing the page's status that you found it on will not work. You will need to click on the name of the page that is actually holding the contest and find the particular status in question and follow the rules.

Hope this helps to clarify some things. Changes

Hey fans. I wanted to mention something to you. Some people noticed yesterday that the CashOut on LikeNET has been raised to $50 without notice and that the referral budget is currently empty, which says this is temporary. I am hoping that the cash out change to $50 is temporary as well, but I have messaged Eric directly to inquire about it and have yet to hear from him.

If you wish to make a comment about this, please do so calmly and politely, no swearing, bashing, arguing allowed, period. If you're angry or frustrated, I can understand...but try to keep it calm. I'm disappointed this happened...again with changes being made without prior notification, or any notification at all even after the fact.

I just wanted to let you all know that it's not just you if you noticed this. There is also a thread started about it in the forums Here.  To get on the forums you must create a forums account, it is not connected to your LikeNET account and you must register separately.

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 7th

Good morning Swagbucks Fan!  Thank goodness it's the weekend!  Today's daily goal is a little bit higher for a weekend.  The last few promos the Daily Goal on the weekend was usually 40 or 50, but today's goal is 60SB. 

If you reach today's goal after reaching all the others so far you'll be guaranteed an extra 25SB at the end of the promo! I hope that everyone makes it!  Good luck!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Video Alert

Hey money-maker fans! Just had a Tetley Video with the yummity firemen for 2 points on SuperPoints. You can also choose to do it on either CantBeatFree, GiftHulk, iRazoo and any other sites that have the Matomy Wall.

I would have watched the video for free, but the 2 SuperPoints was nice :)

Zoombucks Codes

Hey Zoombucks fans, apparently there are some codes out!

Thanks to Amanda Cullen for the post:

Promo code 1-2-3-4-5! Starting at 9:30PM EST, promo codes will be released every 30 minutes for a total of 5 promo codes. The first will be for 1ZB, second for 2ZB, third for 3ZB, fourth for 4ZB and fifth for 5ZB! Users can claim all promo codes. Each code will be active for 30 minutes and will then expire. ENJOY! Promo code 1-2-3-4-5! Starting at 9:30PM EST, promo codes will be released every 30 minutes for a total of 5 promo codes. The first will be for 1ZB, second for 2ZB, third for 3ZB, fourth for 4ZB and fifth for 5ZB! Users can claim all promo codes. Each code will be active for 30 minutes and will then expire. ENJOY!

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 6th

Another day, another daily goal, again!  *grins*  It never ends!!!

Got my goal and more today with a couple search wins and SBTV.  Hope you all make it!  This makes 6 days in a row I'll have made the goal, one more day and I'll be guaranteed 25 Swagbucks for making 7 days in a row.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Coraline BluRay Contest from Alliance Films

Want to win a copy of Coraline on BluRay?  Head on over to Alliance Films and enter for your chance to win.

This contest will begin on Thursday July 5th at 10:00pm EST and run until Friday July 6th at 3pm EST.

Coupon Stash is Out of Control!

How do you know when your coupon stuff stash has gotten out of control?  When you're entire desk is covered in them, as well as the floor...and you found a FPC you've been searching for, but gave up for lost...only to find it again and cry out in happiness...and then despair when you realize it's now expired.

Such is the state my computer area is in at this moment.

I totally need to organize my coupons and start listing them and trading again!

Garnier Giveaway from Canadian Bride

Canadian Bride is giving away a collection of Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine products.  Head on over to their website and fill out your information!  Thank you to Freebies and Samples Canada for the head's up.  

Contest ends July 11, 2012.

The giveaway consists of:

  • Fructis Sleek & Shine Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk
  • Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment
  • Fructis Style Sleek Style 5-in-1 Serum Spray

Videos Alert

Just had a Tetley Video on the Matomy Media on CantBeatFree and you can also find these on SuperPoints Matomy Wall, GiftHulk Offer Wall#2 and iRazoo.

There were two other videos there as well, but when I opened them they said unavailable and didn't credit.  However you might get luck.

LikeNET Code

LikeNET fans, there is a new code up on their Facebook page! Thank you to Carrie Spicer Newman and Trisha Monahan for the head's up! I got 49 points, what about you?

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 5th

Happy Thursday Swaggers!

Another relatively attainable goal of 60SB for today, even for the casual Swagger.  Hope everyone gets it!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012 Sweepstakes!

Have you entered the Sweepstakes from for a chance at a $100 Gift Certificate?

Head on over to their Facebook App and to enter.  All Canadian Residents 18+ (or age of majority in your province) are eligible.  Check out their Official Rules for full details

One week of the Sweepstakes has already passed as a drawing was done July 2nd.

Upcoming giveaways are:

July 9, 2012: one fan will win a CDN$ 100 Gift Certificate
July 16, 2012: one fan will win a CDN$ 100 Gift Certificate
July 23, 2012: one fan will win a CDN$ 100 Gift Certificate Order and Customer Service

So I just ordered 4 things from

I ordered Being Erica Season 3 and 4 DVD, Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows BluRay/Dvd Combo and Fringe Season 3 for $90.61, but zero out of pocket thanks to my favourite sites.

I had already previously ordered Fringe Season 3 from Amazon, but it went down $10.  When I called to inquire about a price adjustment, they said it was too late, but that I could return the other one, and order the one at the new price.  So a roundabout way to get my $10 back, but I was going to order stuff from them soon anyway, so myswell order the cheaper Fringe.

They sent me a link to a printable shipping return label so it won't cost anything for me to send Fringe back!  While it would have been easier for them to do a price adjustment, I am still pleased that they are allowing me to get a refund once it's been returned.

All in all, I have to say I really happy with Amazon's customer service.  I love being able to pay with my giftcard balance from my money-maker sites and their shipping time has been really quick.  When I called for a price adjustment inquiry, my customer service rep Mikhail told me they couldn't do that, but offered the return instead and there were no hassles about it at all!

iRazoo Code

New iRazoo Treasure Code for 15 points.  Enter "Happy4th" without the quotation marks in the Treasure Code box.  Code expires: July 8, 2012 at 11:00PM EST.

Thank you to Kate Staffleitner for the head's up!

Swagbucks Code

New code out on the Swagbucks Blog for 6SB until 12pm PDT!

Free Music from U by Kotex and Walmart Canada

Like free music? Head on over to get your 3 free song downloads courtesy of U by Kotex and Walmart Canada! Click Here for more details.

I'll be doing this when I get home!  I love free music.

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 4th

Happy hump day!  The weekend is nearing!

Today's Daily Goal is a nice and easy 50SB.  Already got that with SBTV and a search win.  How about you?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Videos Alert

Just had Videos on Gambit 11 on CantBeatFree.  You will also find these videos on SuperPoints Video tab and on GiftHulk Offer Wall#6

Also had 2 Videos on Matomy Media on CBF and you can also find these on SuperPoints and GiftHulk Offer Wall#2

June Swagbucks Daily Goal Bonus Paid Out

Swagbucks Fans don't forget to check your Ledger!  If you made any of the daily bonuses you will see a happy surprise with your bonus Swagbucks paid out!

If you reached all 13 days of the goal you will receive a bonus 100SB  If you reached 7 days in a row you'll get 25SB.  Plus you'll also get the bonus for every day you completed.

Since I completed all of the goals for the 13 day period in June I received a bonus of 205SB total!

07/03/12 Other: June Daily Meter Bonus    105 SB
07/03/12 Other: June Meter Super Bonus    100 SB

LikeNET Opportunity Post a Link to SoftCorp on Website or Blog

Link to for 1000.00 Points

Referrals Required: 0
Put a link on your website or blog!
  1. Click ignore if you do not have a website or blog
  2. Place the following HTML code on your website or in a blog post about internet / websites:
    <a href="">SoftCorp Media Victoria | Web Design, Social Media and More</a>
  3. Make sure the article or link can be found within 1 click from your website's homepage and it publicly visible.
  4. Enter URL of article/page with link:

    You will NOT be credit for:

    • facebook pages
    • myspace or livejournal pages
    • pages where the link is not visible (link color is same or close to background, or hidden)
    • pages where you are advertising a competitor (of the website to which you are linking to - not likenet)
    • websites you made just to post this link (if it has no posts from the past - we assume u made it just for this)
    • adult websites
    • tumblr pages
    • pages that do not have the link in a clickable format (the link should show up without the '<a href' part and be clickable)
    • directory sites
    • previews of posts
    • pages you did not post on yourself.
    • comments on webpages/articles
    • twitter
    • inactive blogs
    • piczo sites
    • blogspot
    • wix websites
    • weebly sites

    The URL you submit will be reviewed manually, and will be rechecked at random intervals.

Zoombucks Code

Hey Zoombucks fans, there is a code available thanks to Erik Sc-s for the head's up.

ZBPAYOUTS12 worth 5.  Unfortunately I don't know when it expires.

Revlon Crazy Shine To Go Nail Buffer Review

Recently I received the Revlon Crazy Shine To Go Nail Buffer to review courtesy of the Chick Advisor Product Review Club

What the product claims to do: Revlon's new Crazy Shine To Go Nail Buffer is designed to give you up to 400% shinier nails than bare nails in seconds which lasts 3 days. The mini buffers are available in 2 fun shapes and even work to revive shine on polished nails - perfect for on-the-go use.

Directions: Use the plain green side to smooth and even out nail surfaces. Flip the buffer and use the patterned side to polish nail to an outrageous shine. For polished nails, use the patterned side to revive nail polish luster.

My first thought when I received the package in the mail was that the buffers themselves were small, cute and definitely portable. I am rather lazy when it comes to taking care of my nails, so I was really excited to try out the Crazy Shine buffer. Once in a while I get the urge to polish, but for the most part I go bare nail.

I started off with using the green side of the buffer to smooth out my nails. Now my nails are quite bumpy and have a lot of damage to them. On my middle finger on my right had I have a particularly troublesome spot with a circular dent in the nail from where I almost stapled myself...yes, I am a klutz and accident prone and apparently like to attack myself with staplers, but luckily it didn't go right through the nail.

When I first used the buffer, I only did a light buffing before using the patterned side to check out the shine. I buffed and shined only my left hand so I could compare it to the right and I wish now I had taken pictures. The buffer did it's magic and my nails on my left hand looked like I was wearing clear polish. I'm not sure about the 400% shinier claim, but it definitely made my nails shiny and I was really pleased with the result for very little effort.

I found the shine does last approximately 2 days, but it is not as bright as it starts off as with repeated hand-washing and lotion, but it did last longer than I expected because I figured after washing my hands a few times the shine would go away despite the claim. Though if you notice the shine has faded, it really only takes a couple seconds with the patterned side to touch up your nails.

While the shine may not last as long as they claim, the buffer certainly has helped smooth out my troublesome nails. The bumps and ridges aren't gone, but after using it a couple times it has certainly helped lessen the appearance of them. That definitely makes this product worth it for me, because I can stick it in my purse and take a few minutes while I'm on the bus and give my nails a good touch up. The only downside of the buffer I noticed was that after a few uses the patterned side squeaks when you use it.

I would certainly recommend this product for those people who aren't too fussed about nail polish, but would love to have a quick, easy way to give their nails a little TLC and a nice glossy look. I would purchase these in the future if they were around $4 maximum for the pair.

The views in this review are my own, and I was not compensated for my review other than receiving the product to try.

You can sign up for the Chick Advisor Product Review Club as well.  Click the link and sign up for Chick Advisor and get started reviewing products you have tried then fill out their survey to sign up.  When new product testing opportunities become available they will send out an email and you will need to fill out a survey to see if you're eligible for the product.  Then they will email you if you will be receiving it.
Creative Commons License
Canadian Money Makers and Savers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at

LikeNET Opportunity

Hey LikeNET fans! Just had an opportunity for 10 points: likenet for 10.00 Points Referrals Required: 0 This is to post a link to LikeNET on your Facebook.

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 3rd

Good morning Swagbucks Fans!

Another day means another Daily Goal.  Today's goal is 80 SB and I'm almost there!  Have you made all 3 goals for July so far?

Monday, 2 July 2012

CantBeatFree Code

Hey CBF fans!  There is a code out on the new video for 3 points!  Click "News" and then J tells us the code in the video.  It's all small letters.

LikeNET Code and opp for BC residents

New LikeNET code available from their Facebook page!  Thank you to Lisa Gillespie for the head's up.  They also have an opportunity for BC residents to Like a Facebook page.  Head over to to check if it's available for you.

I got 46 for the code, which puts me at $50.27!  Going to cash out just before July 7th.  This will make my total from LikeNET at $85.00!

Swagbucks Daily Goal July 2nd

Good morning Swaggers. 

After yesterday's easy goal of 40SB, looks like Swagbucks decided to turn it up a notch as today's goal is 70SB.  I noticed that Swagbucks Daily Goals seem to be on the lower side on the weekend, which is great for people who are out an about on the weekend. 

Hope everyone has a great day Swagging and that you make the goal!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Canada Day Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans! There is a code out in the Blog for 10SB until 5pm PDT!  This is a nice long one!

Thank you to Deana Vipere for the head's up!

July Swagbucks Daily Goals

Hey Swagbucks fans!  Swagbucks is continuing on with their special "Daily Goal" for the month of July!

This time, it's going to be a month-long promotion where you can win 10% of your "Daily Goal" plus get up to an extra 300 SB for completing the Daily Goal every day of the month!  With vacations and sometimes high goal requirements like getting 120 SB per day, this might be difficult for the more casual Swagbucks user that doesn't get to complete a lot of surveys, special offers or SBTV. 

However, they also have smaller goals to shoot for if you won't be able to make it every day.

7 Straight Days: 25 SB + Daily Bonuses
14 Straight Days: 100 SB + Daily Bonuses
21 Straight Days: 200 SB + Daily Bonuses
Full month: 300 SB + Daily Bonuses

Even if you're only a casual Swagbucks user that makes a few Swagbucks here and there you can still earn some bonus Swagbucks for completing a single day's goal.  Today's goal of 40 SB is a nice and easy goal and by reaching the goal you will receive an extra 4 SB at the end of the promotion.  If you make a few of the daily goals you will end up with

All bonuses will be paid out by August 5th, and a new daily goal opportunities will start on August 1st.

If you're wondering where your bonus bucks are for the June promotion, they will be paid out by July 5th!  Let us know how if you completed the goal every day, and how many Swagbucks you're expecting?

Want to know how to maximize your Swagbucks earnings daily?  Visit my Swagbucks Tips page.