Friday, 13 July 2012

CantBeatFree Code and Birthday Promos

Hey CantBeatFree fans!  CBF has a special code out on a video from J on their News section for 3 points.  They also have some promos for the rest of July.

They are increasing their Jackpots, offering more promo codes and also offering a special Birthday Jackpot to win $100!  So, now is a pretty good time to join, and I'd love if you'd consider joining my team and I will of course be happy to try to answer any questions you may have.

CBF is also offering unlimited $20 VIP cards!  For those who are money-making machines, this is an awesome promo.  I'm still working on my first $25.00 GC worth 2450 points to get to VIP.  This works out to 98 points per $1 which is still pretty good, and once I've reached that first one, I'm eligible for VIP Prizes.

VIP Members get to cash out for $20 AGC or Paypal for only 1650 points, making it only 82.5 points per $1, compared to SB's 90 points per $1 Amazon, which you can only receive 5 x $5 AGC per month and their PayPal is even more.  Normally CBF users can get 3 x $20 VIP cards per month, still allowing you to redeem for $60 at a very excellent point ratio.

Click Here or above to join my CBF Team

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