Wednesday, 4 July 2012 Order and Customer Service

So I just ordered 4 things from

I ordered Being Erica Season 3 and 4 DVD, Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows BluRay/Dvd Combo and Fringe Season 3 for $90.61, but zero out of pocket thanks to my favourite sites.

I had already previously ordered Fringe Season 3 from Amazon, but it went down $10.  When I called to inquire about a price adjustment, they said it was too late, but that I could return the other one, and order the one at the new price.  So a roundabout way to get my $10 back, but I was going to order stuff from them soon anyway, so myswell order the cheaper Fringe.

They sent me a link to a printable shipping return label so it won't cost anything for me to send Fringe back!  While it would have been easier for them to do a price adjustment, I am still pleased that they are allowing me to get a refund once it's been returned.

All in all, I have to say I really happy with Amazon's customer service.  I love being able to pay with my giftcard balance from my money-maker sites and their shipping time has been really quick.  When I called for a price adjustment inquiry, my customer service rep Mikhail told me they couldn't do that, but offered the return instead and there were no hassles about it at all!

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