Thursday, 19 July 2012

Where is TSG (The Swag Guy) Clues and Code

Hey Swagbucks fans! There is a code out for finding TSG again.  This time for 8SB until 3pm PDT

Here are your clues:

#1 from Blog: Today, for The Swag Guy’s last stop, he’ll be heading back to North America. Here is today’s first clue: In this town you might catch the blues.

#2 from Twitter: TSG is in a 2 word city that starts and ends with the same letter.

#3 from Blog: When you think you have figured out where TSG is, go to our Flickr page and search the Official Swagbucks Photostream for that city. One of the resulting photos will have an 8 Swag Buck code good until 3pm PDT. Good luck!

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