Monday, 9 July 2012

LikeNET Update

LikeNET has released an official statement regarding the change of Cash Out limit to 5000.

"As an official statement regarding the 5000 points payout limit - at the moment we are revamping several things to make LikeNET more sustainable - which will likely include less frequent, but higher value opportunities. We have hired a new marketing director and have apps pending approval for the ios app store and android market. there are some big changes coming to LikeNET. We apologize for the abrupt changes and delays."

What this means for LikeNET, I can't really speculate.  I hope that good things are coming and that they continue to grow and expand and that they can keep up with their payments as well as bring out lots of new opportunities.  I wish them all the best for sure.

For those that cashed out just prior to the July 7th cashout, they are working on processing payments at this time as the 7th fell on a Monday.  So your payouts will be coming out soon.

Also, if you cashed out on June 21st, they had some delays with the cheque payments and they are still coming if you haven't received them.

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