How I make $25.00 in Amazon Gift Cards and more a month with Swagbucks.

My daily goal is 150SB and it can be tough to get. A more easily obtainable goal is 75-100SB per day, I like to try to get the 150 so I can have my 5 x $5.00 AGC for the month.  Any extra Swag Bucks I get are put towards a $15 AGC or a $25 PayPal.

10 points for games
20SB for Encrave videos
4 for "dailies" (Daily Poll (1), ToolBar (1), NOSO (2)
15-30 for search wins
Do as many videos as possible on Supersonic (may be different for you, Americans have Gambit)
If I get special offers, videos, or surveys then I don't need to work quite so hard on SBTV

Here is my day:

If I am sitting at the computer, I do SBTV on the toolbar while I'm browsing forums/pages/facebook, etc.

I use the Toolbar to watch and just click the next video as soon as the bar goes up. SBTV is SwagBucks TV. After 10 videos you will earn 3sb, up to a maximum of 50 rounds (150 SwagBucks),  You do not have to watch the whole video, the progress bar will go up 10% when you've watched enough of the. It will go up approximately every 30 to 60 seconds. If you don't have the Toolbar, I recommend getting it. It gives you an extra SB (Swag Buck) daily as well. Great thing about SBTV on the toolbar is you can move it to where you want it by clicking it and moving it. I like to move it to the add space while browsing Facebook pages. To make it smaller, click in the box where the "Meter" is and hold down the CTRL button and use your mouse scroll wheel to make the picture smaller. Then go to the bottom right corner and drag the actual window to the size that you want.  You can download the Toolbar by mousing over "Discover" and choosing "Extension".  If this doesn't work, you can also use this LINK to open the toolbar SBTV.  I suggest using that as a single window and making it as small as possible.

I also do games daily. I play a game, then when I'm done I go back to "Game Details". You should get 2 SB for every 2 games doing this up to a maximum of 10.

Encrave is a new feature that currently allows you to watch 10 videos and earn 2SB to a maximum of 20SB.  These videos actually autoplay, but you need to have the window open and active to get points.  Sometimes you can open it and navigate away from it and it will still continue, but usually the videos will not continue if you navigate away.  You can get to Encrave by mousing over "Discover" and choosing "Encrave" and it will open in a new tab.

You also get 1 point for answering the daily poll, 2 for doing the NOSO. Just keep clicking the "skip to Next offer" button until it comes up as "proceed to next step" Then enter the text it tells you and you will get 2 points.

If you're going to visit a website like Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, etc instead of going straight to the site, enter it into the SwagBucks search for more chances to get a search win. Usually you can get at least 2 search wins a day, which can net you 6+ SB each win.

If you're on Facebook, like the SwagBucks Canada page and keep an eye on the wall for when codes are available, when the "gates" are open for search wins and for  when people post when they did a Special offer or Survey and it credited, or you can follow me on Facebook and I post SwagCode notifications.

Check the "Daily Survey" for 60SB on the homepage often.  If you don't get it when you first check, keep trying throughout the day as surveys are released throughout the day.

Check your "Trusted Surveys" daily and check Special offers for easy videos on SuperSonic or the homepage sometimes.

Canadian Casino Tasks come out every day and they have been sporadic in the timing.  They are usually in the evening, but lately they've been earlier in the afternoon. Mouse over the "Earn" button at the top and click "Tasks". There are a lot of tasks available, however the easiest look like "Answer a few questions about a website (Canada - Wednesday task #5)" and are commonly referred to as "Casino tasks".  You can read more about them on my Casino Tasks tips page.

Best of luck to you! Debbie S
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