Saturday, 30 June 2012

Winners of Great Canadian Coupon Giveaway!

CMM&S, Share It With Erik, I LOVE, The Bargain Queen and Live Virtual Help Desk are proud to announce the winners of the Great Canadian Coupon Giveaway. The winner of the $200 in Canadian Coupons is Ranae Kempe-Mundt, the two Winners of the $100 in Canadian Coupons are Lisa Shawstyle and Allison Rehel and Kayla S. Gilbert won the Live Virtual Help Desk T-shirt. We want to congratulate all winners and please send a message via Facebook Message to Share It With Erik or by email to> All winners have 48 hours to claim their prize. We'd like to thank everyone who participated and hope the winners like their prizes!

Neutrogena Perk from Klout

Do we have any Klout members here?  Thanks to the SmartCanucks "Klout Club" for the head's up.  There is a new Perk available for Neutrogena!  Must have a Klout score above 40 and be influential in Skin Care, Beauty, Health or Acne.  It appears that not everyone that meets these requirements may be eligible as it may be based on age, demographic or postal code.  Thank you to the wonderful Fallen Pixels for this info!

From the Perk:

"Treat Past, Present & Future Acne

Your high school days are over. Your acne should be too. The new NEUTROGENA® RAPID CLEAR® All-in-1 line includes a Daily Scrub and Facial Lotion, formulated with Soy, Retinol* and MICROCLEAR® Salicylic Acid technology to help treat past, present and future signs of acne**. These new products from the dermatologist-recommended brand work fast without over-drying skin, so that you can forget about acne and get on with your life.

*Retinol is only contained in the Facial Lotion

**Reduces the look of past acne signs / marks

Friday, 29 June 2012

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans! There is a code out on their Facebook page for 5SB by 5:30pm PDT.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Haligonia Mama Giveaway

Hey contest fans!  HaliGonia Mama has posted their Giveaway!

Head on over to their page and Like, Comment and Share their pinned post to enter to win a mystery envelope with $30 of coupons!

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans!  There's ~another~ code today!  Head on over to Twitter and get your code for 4SB by 6pm PDT.

Thank you to Trisha Monahan for the head's up!

Swagbucks Maintenance

Hey Swagbucks fans!  Tonight between 7pm PDT and 10pm PDT parts of the Swagbucks site will be down for maintenance.  This includes the blog, your ledger, and your profile pictures.

If you're still working on meeting the daily goal, you can still track your progress on the Home Page through the Daily Goal meter.  If you are working on stuff like games and can't keep track with the ledger, just use a scrap piece of paper to keep track of how many points you've earned and you can do the same with SBTV.

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks Fans!  New code for 4SB until 1:30pm PDT.

The code is in the description of one of their videos on their Youtube.

Thanks for the help Karen Cail Hill.

LikeNet Code and Opp

Hey fans!  There is a code on their Facebook page and an opportunity for anyone who has a blog or webpage to earn 1000 points on LikeNET!  Thank you to Aileen Cameron and Carrie Spicer Newman for the head's up!

Link to for 1000.00 Points
Referrals Required: 0
Ignore this Opportunity
Put a link on your website or blog!

    Click ignore if you do not have a website or blog
    Place the following HTML code on your website or in a blog post about internet / websites:
    < a href="">SoftCorp Media Victoria | Web Design, Social Media and More </a>
    Make sure the article or link can be found within 1 click from your website's homepage and it publicly visible.
    Enter URL of article/page with link:

GiftHulk Code!

Good morning GiftHulk fans! Enter “millionkeys” without the quotation marks in the Fountain of Youth and get 5 Hulk Coins! The code is active until 10PM PDT, June 28th!

Thank you to Edie M for the head's up!

SwagBucks Code

Good morning Swagbucks fans!  There is a code out in the blog for 4SB until 9am PDT!

Thank you to Carrie Spicer Newman for the head's up!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Swagbucks Summer Social

Swagbucks fans, tomorrow you will earn what your referrals earn on more than Searches!  The 1,000 Swagbuck limit earned per referral still applies, but for those referrals who don't often search, but do other stuff you will be able to earn matching points.

For every referral you’ve brought in since Wednesday, June 20th through the end of tomorrow, June 28th, you will win matching Swag Bucks on, not only Search, but also on Special Offers, SBTV, Trusted Surveys, Daily Polls, NOSO, Toolbar, Games, and Swag Codes (up to 1,000 Swag Bucks per referral).  In order to qualify for these matching bucks, your referral must earn them tomorrow, Thursday, June 28th.  This gives you a great opportunity to really max out your referral earnings in one day.  These matching bucks will be applied to your account by Tuesday, July 3rd.

Full details available Here

SuperPoints Logo Contest!

Do you like designing new Logos?  Design a new Summer Themed logo for SuperPoints and you could win 1000 Superpoints!  The faster you get it done the better, as you will have more chances for people to Like your entry.

  • Design a logo for Superpoints that uses the Summer Season theme and clearly displays the Superpoints brand.
  • Upload your design to the Superpoints Facebook Page.
  • Invite your friends to “Like” the Superpoints Facebook Page and “Like” your logo.
  • The top three logos with the most “Likes” will win.
  • Each member may only submit ONE entry.
1st prize: 1000 SP2nd prize: 500 SP
3rd prize: 250 SP

The contest will run from Wednesday June 27th through Friday July 6th at 2:00pm CST.

SwagBucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans! A new code is out on the Swidget for 6SB until 10:30AM PDT.  However some of the Swidgets don't work, however I found a working Swidget with the code.  If it doesn't work for you, search "Swidget" and try multiple swidgets.

Good luck!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Videos Alert

Hey money-maker site fans! Had a 3 Axe Wire videos on CantBeatFree on the Gambit 11 tab.  This is also available on the SuperPoints Video tab, iRazoo Volume 11 tab and GiftHulk Offer Wall#6.

Also had an Axe Wire video on the Matomy Wall on SuperPoints, CBF and GH OfferWall#2.

If you use multiple sites, check them out as you may be able to do them at more than one!

Burnbrae Farms Giveaway

Enter to win $50.00 worth of coupons and merchandise from the Burnbrae Farms Facebook Page.  1 entry per person per week.

Contest begins on June 19, 2012 at 12:00:00 AM EST and ends on July 9, 2012 at 11:59:59 PM EST.

Click Here for contest terms and conditions.

GiftHulk Code

Hey GiftHulk fans!  There was a code worth 5 HC in my newsletter today!

Enter "bonusbar" without quotations into the Fountain of Youth.  Code available for the first 5,000 who enter it.

Enter to win 1 of 2 Tassimo T55 Brewers

ECS Coffee Inc is doing a Facebook Giveaway of 2 Tassimo T55 Brewers.  Not open to Quebec Residents.

CONTEST PERIOD:  This contest begins 9:30 am, ET on June 26, 2012 and closes 5:00 pm, ET on July 1, 2012.

Click Here for full contest terms and conditions

Win a Trip to see "The Dark Knight Rises"

You could win a Trip for 2 to Toronto for 3 days, 2 nights, luxury hotel accommodations at The Fairmont Royal York, $250 Spending Money and 2 Tickets to the Exclusive Canadian Premiere and Gala July 18th for The Dark Knight Rises courtesy of Empire Theatres.

Click Here to enter.  Contest ends July 2, 2012 and draw is done July 4, 2012.
ELIGIBILITY - The Empire Theatres’ “Win a Trip to see the Canadian Premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in Toronto, ON” Contest (“Contest”) is being conducted by Empire Theatres Limited (“Empire Theatres”), and is only open to legal residents of Canada, excluding residents of Saskatchewan, the Province of Quebec, Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories.

Great new Blog and Facebook Page - Designs & Decor on a Dime

Welcome Designs & Decor on a Dime to Facebook! They are doing a small giveaway with 2 winners for every 100 fans they get. Their first one is already up! Head on over to their page from the link above and Like, Comment on and Share their Wall Photo to be entered to win and be sure to check out their Blog.

Tampax Tuesday Free Sample

Hey female freebie fans, or perhaps male freebie fans not too shy to order this Tampax freebie for their lady ;)

Tampax is doing another giveaway of their "Tampax Radiant" kit.  It comes with a cute little "purse" and some samples of Tampax and Always Radiant.  Head on over to their Facebook app, click the picture and fill out your info to get yours.

75,000 fan Conair Corp Giveaway!

At 75,000 fans on the Facebook page, Conair Corp will be doing another giveaway!  They are less than 300 fans away from this awesome milestone.

Head on over to their Facebook page and Share it!  Once they reach 75,000 fans they will release the details of their giveaway.

Videos Alert

Hey money-maker site fans! Had two videos on Matomy for 1 point each.  Also had two videos on the "Video" tab on SuperPoints and two videos on the Gambit 11 tab on CantBeatFree. 

Last time I was able to do them on GiftHulk, SuperPoints, and CantBeatFree and get credited for them all. 

Had 3 videos on PaymentWall as well, these can only be done once, so choose which site you want to do them at.
  • Watch Gotye- Somebody That I Used to Know.
  • Watch Mr. Rogers Remixed.
  • Watch Obama Singing Call me Maybe.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Ordered my Coupon Organizer!

Okay, I finally broke down and did it!

I ordered my coupon organizer from GlowGirl! Asked for it with a purple lining and added an adjustable strap to it so I could wear it crossbody if I wanted to. Going to come sometime around July 18th, I can't wait.

I am tired of my binder as I find it's too big, too bulky and just more of a hassle than anything. I am hoping this suits my needs better so I can just throw my scissors, pens, a calculator and fold up my printables and flyers and put them in there :)

Once I get it and try it out I will be sure to post pictures and a review :)

CantBeatFree Code

Hey CantBeatFree fans!  There is a code on the new video in News.  Make sure you listen to the video to get the code!  Once you're logged in, click on the "News" tab on the Navigation panel.

If you haven't joined, please consider doing so by clicking Here.  If you like doing Casino Tasks for big points, CBF is the place to do them.  If you do 10, you will fill up the CBF "Mega Bonus Bar" and earn an extra 25 points.  It makes doing them on CBF more profitable than any other site. 

Flash Fun Little pin Giveaway!

First 5 people to comment "Me" on this blog post and provide their email address.  I will email the first 5 people who comment an pin.

These pins expire June 30, 2012 so must be used ASAP.  Please only enter if you actually use to redeem for rewards.

Good luck!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Videos Alert

Hey money-maker site fans! Had two videos on Matomy for 1 point each. I did these on CantBeatFree, but they're also on SuperPoints, GiftHulk, Swagbucks, whichever you prefer to use. Also had two videos on the "Video" tab on SuperPoints and two videos on the Gambit 11 tab on CantBeatFree and was able to do both.

Right Guard Canada Free Product Coupons

Hey fans, remember how I posted on the Facebook page that Right Guard Canada was possibly giving away Free Product coupons to those who signed up for their mailing list?  They will be doing random draws from all the names that entered into the mailing list and those lucky fans that get chosen will receive free product coupons!

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans! There is a code on Twitter for 6SB until 9pm PDT!

Friday, 22 June 2012

New Daily Poll at Swagbucks

Do you do the Daily Poll on Swagbucks for your 1 SB every day?  I do!  It's an easy point and I count on it as part of my goal towards making 75-150 SB every day.  They have changed it around a bit, making it more interactive so you can comment on it, see the top 10 polls as well as go back and see previous polls.

The Daily Poll today is what's your favourite feature about the new poll.  I like being able to see people's comments on the Daily Poll.  Some of the polls have been downright silly or funny and I'm nosey and like to know what people think so I might peek at some of the comments every day.

SuperPoints "Bonus Spin" Day

Superpoints will be having a bonus spin day on Monday June 25th!  If you haven't joined already this would be a great day for you to start with SuperPoints and get earning.  Please view my SuperPoints Tips page to help you get started and click Here to join my SuperPoints network.

Basic Members: 15 extra spins for a total of 45
Gold Members: 25 extra spins for a total of 75
Platinum Members: 50 extra spins for a total of 150

"Bright and Easy" Product Testing Opp and Contest from Dr. Beckmann

Just got an email from Dr. Beckmann for a product testing opportunity and for a contest to win an 16gb Ipad3 as well as a chance to win a $200 grocery store gift card for completing a survey if you receive the Colour & Dirt Collector for testing.  This is an excellent opportunity to get on Dr. Beckmann's list for product testing if you didn't previously.  Click Here to apply to be a product tester and enter the Ipad3 contest

"Thank you for your interest in Dr. Beckmann. We're Europe's No 1 stain specialist, and we're so excited to now be available in Canada. Since you previously participated in a Dr. Beckmann promotion, we thought you'd be interested in hearing about our latest: the Bright & Easy Sweepstakes.
Be a product tester for Dr. Beckmann, win an iPad just for applying!
Enter to win a new, third-generation 16GB  iPad and apply to test Dr Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector for free. Testers will get a sample pack with a $1 off coupon included, and they'll also qualify to win a $200 grocery store gift card by completing a fast survey. Canada only!"

Thursday, 21 June 2012

New LikeNET Feature - Set up a Password

Have you logged into recently?  There is a new feature!

"Setup a Password
Some great new notification services are coming your way - we need to be able to authenticate you. Right now you login with facebook - which is a great one-click solution. However, we don't know your facebook password - and not all of our apps can be connected to facebook. So, we need to you to CREATE a password. It does NOT have to be your facebook password - just one you'll remember!"

LikeNET Code

Hey fans! There is a new code on the LikeNET Facebook page. Thanks to Karen Cail Hill for the head's up.

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swaggerfans!  Visit the Swagbucks Facebook page for a code worth 7SB until 6pm PDT. Enter it in the "Gimme" box on the Swagbucks homepage.

If you'd like to join Swagbucks, click Here and enter the special code JUNETASTIC to get 70 Swagbucks to start!

Swagbucks Daily Goal June 21

Today's Daily Goal is 70 Swagbucks.  So far they've all be reasonably obtainable.  Even though I was away most of the day I'm not worried about reaching the goal with doing Games, SBTV, Searching and the dailies.

Have you reached all of the daily goals so far?

Win 1 of 50 prizes of 2000 Scene Points

Great contest from Scene.  If you're a Scene member you have a chance to win one of 50 prizes for 2000 Scene points which equals 2 free movies!

Email with your Scene# and first and last name by noon on Monday June 25th and you'll be entered in a random draw for the Scene points.  Winners will be contacted via email on Tuesday June 26th.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Swagbucks Code#8

Hey Swagbucks fans! The last code is out! Here is your clue!
"Time for the LAST code of the day worth 5 Swag Bucks until 5:30pm PDT. In the word search, find the only word that has its letters in alphabetical order. ALL CAPS."

You will need the Word Search again and I've got it here:

LikeNET Code

Hey fans! There is a new code on their Facebook page and some new info about LikeNET! You need to now set up a password for your account!

Thanks to Lisa Gillespie for the head's up!

Swagbucks Code#4

Hey Swagbucks fans! Code#4 is out! I found a working Swidget with the clue, and the clue is "Check the daily poll page"!

Make sure to pay attention to the little box that comes up on the bottom right of your screen.
Good luck!

SwagCode Extravaganze Code#3

Hey Swagbucks fans! Code#3 is out! You will need the Word Search again for this one. Here is the clue:
Code #3 worth 5SB until 11am PDT - Find the word on the bottom row that's written backwards. ALL CAPS.
Enter the code in the "Gimme" box on the Swagbucks homepage.

Click Here for the Word Search!

Swagbucks Daily Goal June 20

Good morning Swaggerfans!
Today's Daily Goal is 80 Swagbucks again. This is most certainly doable especially if you get all of the codes from the Code Extravaganza. Unfortunately I missed the first one, but did get the second!
Good luck with getting all the codes and reaching your goal!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012 Rewards

Just redeemed for another pair of movie tickets from! Love the rewards. A lot of the pins expire June 30th though so if you have any, make sure you enter them before June 30th and you can only enter in 10 a week. caps with iTunes on them expire in September.

Swagbucks Daily Goal June 19

Today's Daily Goal is 90 Swagbucks. Did you reach the daily goal? 

CantBeatFree Crowdflower Tasks Fixed!

Woooohooo! It looks like my Crowdflower task problem on CBF is fixed! Apparently my username was too long to be recognized properly with Crowdflower. J has changed my username and credited me for my task points that were held hostage. Tomorrow I will be trying to do all the tasks at CBF and hope I can get the extra 25 points from the bonus bar!

If you love doing Casino Tasks and are able to do at least 10 every day, CantBeatFree is the most rewarding place to do them. You receive your Casino Task points (50 or more) plus 25 points for filling the Bonus Bar by doing 10 offers.

If you'd like to join, please consider joining my team

Swagbucks Word Search

With tomorrow's Swagbucks Code Extravaganza, Swagbucks states you'll need to refer back to the word search posted in their blog.

We've got a copy of it right here for you to refer back to or print if you like

Swagbucks Code Extravaganza

Starting June 19th at 5am PDT Swagbucks will be having a special "Code Extravaganza"!  There wil be eight codes released for a total of 60SB!  CMM&S will try to keep you updated all day when new codes come out.  Be sure to check the CMM&S blog or Facebook page for code alerts!

In order to unveil all the codes, be sure to keep the "Word Search" from the blog post handy.  You can print out it out or refer back to it Here

Swagbucks Code

Hey Swagbucks fans!  There is a code out on the Facebook page for 11 Swagbucks until 5pm PDT!

New LikeNET opp

Hey LikeNET fans! I just had a new opp! It's a "Share" opp!

NodeFlame Web Solutions Share - Jun-18 for 10.00 Points

Monday, 18 June 2012

Free Sample - Advil Nighttime

Click Here to get your free sample of Advil Nighttime.  I did not see it stated how many samples available or how long the offer lasts.

Thanks to Canadian Daily for the head's up!

New LikeNET opp

Hey LikeNET fans, make sure you log in and check to see if you have a new opportunity.  If you have not already Liked the Facebook page there is an opp available.  If you receive this opp you will need to Like their Facebook page.  Just click the link in the opp and then grab the code from their Facebook post to enter in the box in the opp.

New GiftHulk weekly Giveaway

This week's Giveaway from GiftHulk is for a $50 Amazon GC or $50 PayPal cash, winner's choice.

Mandatory entry for the Rafflecopter form is to download the GiftHulk toolbar to your browser.  You can also earn extra entries daily by Tweeting or Sharing.

GiftHulk Fountain of Youth Code

There is a new GiftHulk Fountain of Youth (FoY) code from their Newsletter.  Enter "bonusbar" without the quotation marks in the Fountain of Youth for 5 bonus HC (Hulk Coins).  Valid for first 5000 users!  This is still valid as of this post as I just entered it.

If you signed up with me on GiftHulk you can also enter "moneymakersandsavers" into the FoY for 15 bonus HC.  If you'd like to join me at GiftHulk, click Here

LikeNET SMS message code

Hey fans! There is a code out for those who signed up for SMS messages.

Check your texts. Thanks to Jennifer Ouellette from my Facebook page for the head's up! I got 6 points for my daily free bonus and 15 for the code. What did you get?

Swagbucks Daily Goal June 18

Good morning Swagbucks fans!

Swagbucks has started a new Daily Goal.
Today's goal is 80 Swagbucks and if you reach the goal you'll earn an extra 8 Swagbucks. All bonuses will be paid out after the current Daily Goal period is finished.

  • Check the meter for that day’s goal 
  • Watch the meter fill as you earn Swag Bucks Reach the daily goal and earn that day’s bonus 
  • Reach the daily goal for 7 consecutive days in June and earn 25 bonus Swag Bucks plus the daily bonuses. 
  • Reach the daily goal for 13 consecutive days in June and earn 100 bonus Swag Bucks + the daily bonuses. 
  • The countdown clock shows how much time is left to reach that day’s goal. 
  • All bonuses will be paid out by July 5, 2012 
  • Calendar will reset July 1, 2012 with new daily goal opportunities.

Discover Lindt New Spin Unlocked

Visit Discover Lindt and answer the question to unlock your next spin to get a chance to win chocolate for a year or a Lindt Excellence bar.

"Do you share your Excellence chocolate"?

Choose from:
No Excellence is my own special treat
Yes, with my family
Yes, with my coworkers

Sunday, 17 June 2012

U by Kotex Sample from sometimes sponsors samples from various companies. Right now they're offering a sample of U by Kotex!

These samples don't usually that long, so click on the link above to get yours today.  Thank you to Clever Canadian Couponing for the head's up on this freebie.

You will receive the sample by mail within 4-8 weeks..

Facebook Add to Interests Lists

Have you noticed that some of the pages that you have "Liked" aren't showing up in your News Feed in a regular basis?

If you do not interact with Facebook fan pages or business pages on a regular basis, Facebook will be less likely to show you their posts. To ensure you see posts from your favourite Facebook pages "Like" or Comment on their status updates regularly.

You can also add them to a Special Interests lists to help you see more of your favourites on your News Feed. And it can also help you sort through if you only want to see certain pages. Say you wanted to see only Couponing Pages, you could add them to a special interests list.

To do this, visit your favourite page and then click the little down arrow and then choose a name for your Special Interests list. I use "Pages" and keep them all together.

Once you have set up your Special Interests list, you will need a way to go back to the list. You can add it to your "Favourites" so that you see it in the same place that you see your News Feed and Messages. Click the "Home" button at the top right of the Facebook page and then scroll down to the bottom of the lists on the left. You should see a "More" button there. Click the "More" button. Click this and it shows "Interests"

Click the "More" button beside Interests and you will see the Special Interests lists you created. Click on the little icon beside the name of the Special Interests list and click "Add to Favourites" and you're all set.

Your Special Interests list will be displayed under on the "Home" page on Facebook under News Feed and Messages. You can add more Special Interests lists by going back to the Interests page and creating a new list and adding the new list to your Favourites. Then when you can choose which list you want to use for the pages you Like.

Swagbucks Daily Goal Meter

Hey Swagbucks fans! There is an awesome update from Swagbucks. The Daily Goal meter is coming back to the Swagbucks home page. They are also offering bonuses when you reach your daily goal, as well as "consecutive" goal bonuses. Check out the SB blog for more details!

CantBeatFree Code

CantBeatFree fans: Don't forget to check your email for their newsletter and a special code worth 10 points at CBF.  Code can be entered by clicking Here

GiftHulk Fountain of Youth Code

GiftHulk is celebrating Father's Day with a code as well!  Enter the code happyfathersday in the Fountain of Youth on GiftHulk for 4 Hulk Coins
(Limited for the first 2000 users)

Swagbucks Code

Happy Father's Day to all my fans who are dads, including furbaby dads!

Swagbucks is celebrating Father's Day with a code out on their Facebook page! Enter the code on their Facebook page for 7 Swag Bucks by 5pm PDT!

Great Canadian Coupon Giveaway

Presenting the Great Canadian Coupon Giveaway

 Brought to you by:

We will be giving away $400 in coupons to three lucky winners and a 4th lucky winner will receive a shirt courtesy of 

We'd also like to thank the other pages and blogs that have joined us to help promote this Giveaway. 

 Please read the Terms and Conditions for more details. Terms and Conditions: This Giveaway is open to Canadian Residents only. Winners will be announced on CMM&S and Share it With Erik and contacted via email. Winners will be given 48 hours to respond so prizes can be sent out. Grand prize will be approximately $200 of miscellaneous coupons. 2nd and 3rd prize will be $100 of miscellaneous coupons each and 4th bonus prize is a shirt courtesy of Live VHD

 This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Share it With Erik and CMM&S reserve the right to obtain names and email addresses from this Rafflecopter form. Contest will end July 1 2012 12:01 AM EST

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 15 June 2012

Purex Sample 5,000 still available

Have you ordered your free sample from Purex?  There are 5,000 samples still available according to the Purex Canada Facebook page.

I ordered mine and got coupons with it as well.  So if you haven't ordered your sample yet, click Here to fill out the form to get one.

Mentos Canada Freebie and Contest

Did you get your free pack of UP2U gum from Mentos Canada and enter their contest? Today is the last day to enter!  Visit their app on their Facebook app and enter to win one of their $1000 weekly prizes and get your choose your free gum. 

Contest: * No purchase necessary. Open to Canadian residents 13 and over. From June 4 to July 6 2012 at 5 PM (ET). One prize of $1000 to win each week.
Freebie: ** Offer for Canadian residents 13 and over. From June 4 to June 15 2012. Flavours to be determined by advertiser. Limit of one pack per person for the duration of the offer.

GiftHulk Offer Wall bonus - June 15 to June 17

Today's Offer Wall bonus from GiftHulk:

Earn 200 Hulk Coins and get a BONUS - 40 Hulk Coins!

I am definitely not going to make that!  I don't do a lot of Offer Wall stuff unless it's an easy video.  What about you?

Earn points for GiftCards at Royal Draw

Did you know you could earn points and redeem for gift cards via Royal Draw?

Every time you read your Draws email, enter a free Draw or help pick the next Draw you get points! 

You can also get points for printing coupons and doing surveys.  Since I enter every day Monday to Friday via my email, I earn 2 points a day.  It will take a very long time to make 1250 points, but since I'm using it anyway to enter their free contests it's a really nice benefit!

Zoku Pop Maker Giveaway from Dear Crissy

Have you signed up to try and win the Zoku Pop Maker from Dear Crissy?
Click here to sign up and enter!  This link is my referral link, but you can also visit Dear Crissy and click on the Zoku Pop Maker tab and enter.  If someone signs up with the giveaway from your link, you get an extra entry.

"Open Worldwide.  Non USA Winners will receive prize as PayPal Cash.  Must have valid PayPal account to claim prize if not from USA."

Good luck everyone!

KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway from Dear Crissy

Have you signed up to try and win the KitchenAid Stand Mixer from Dear Crissy?
Click here to sign up and enter!  This link is my referral link, but you can also visit Dear Crissy and click on the KitchenAid tab and enter.  If someone signs up with the giveaway from your link, you get an extra entry.

"Open Worldwide.  Non USA Winners will receive prize as PayPal Cash.  Must have valid PayPal account to claim prize if not from USA."

Good luck everyone!

Free Nature Valley Granola Thins or Fibre1 Brownies at

Love trying out new products before you buy them? still has a coupon available for a free box of Nature Valley Granola Thins or Fibre1 Brownies.  Head on over if you haven't gotten your coupon yet!

I love having a variety of snack foods in the house for my family to help mix things up and I love the 100 calorie snacks because you can get that taste of chocolate, or salty...whatever you're craving and not overindulge because it's already pre-packaged.
Good morning GiftHulk fans!  There is only 15 hours left in GiftHulk's special Father's Day Giveaway

Members of GiftHulk can visit the link above and use the Rafflecopter form to enter to win either a $25 PayPal payment or $25 Amazon GC.  "The mandatory entry for this giveaway is adding GiftHulk Search to your browser!  You can read how to do it here: Winning Tips"

If you haven't joined GiftHulk yet, consider joining my network - Join GiftHulk

GiftHulk is like a combination of Swagbucks and SuperPoints.  There is the Search and Win, Daily Poll, Treasure Box and also the Fountain of Youth (for codes).  If you join my Network visit the Fountain of Youth to enter moneymakersandsavers for 15 Hulk Coins (HC) to help you get started.

My favourite feature is the Treasure Box which is kind of like the SuperLucky button.  You start off with 5 permanent daily keys and you have a chance to win HC, permanent daily keys, one-time daily keys, FOY codes, store discounts, offer wall boosters and even prizes like $1 Amazon GC.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hey GiftHulk fans!  New feature released from GiftHulk.  They now have a Bonus Bar on the Offer Walls.  Once you fill it, you will earn various Bonuses!  Today's bonus is 1 Permanent Treasure Box key if you earn 75 HulkCoins on the Offer Walls.
Hey The SuperPoints Network fans!

New game from SuperPoints for today June 14, 2012. Go to your SuperPoints account and find your member rank. To get your member rank, just click "Home" and on the right you will see your Member Rank.  Then head over to their Facebook page and comment on their Status update. You have until 3pm CST to enter!

What's your member rank? Mine is #242
Canadian Coupon Giveaway! CMM&S and Share It With Erik have teamed up with I LOVE and The Bargain Queen for a great Canadian Coupon Giveaway! We will be giving away $400 in coupons and an extra prize of a shirt from Live Virtual Help Desk! For those interested, stay tuned!

If you have a blog and would like to add your name to our Giveaway, click the link:

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

There is a Bonus Code on the Facebook page.  If you haven't grabbed it, make sure you go check it out!  Remember Bonus Codes often are in brackets. [ ]

Don't include the Brackets when you're entering the code and codes are always case sensitive.

LikeNET Tips was created by SoftCorp Software Ltd, a company located in Victoria, BC and is open to all Canadians and they looking to expand into the US in the future.

LikeNET uses a points system and each point equals one penny.  So 100 points = $1.00.  You can cash out and get paid at 3500 points or $35.00.  While this may seem high, I feel it is definitely worth my time.  By spending an average of less than 5 minutes every day, I earn from 1 point to sometimes more than a $1 a day.  I like to compare it to sites like SuperPoints where you can do 100 spins in a day and not earn any points at all.  If you look at it that way, even earning 1 point for 10 seconds of work every day it totally worth it.

If you sign up to LikeNET using a referral link from another member you start with 250 points automatically ($2.50).  LikeNET uses Facebook as their Login and you must allow LikeNET some basic permissions like being able to Post on your behalf and access your friend's list and contact information.  Because you must have a valid email to sign up with Facebook you won't get a confirmation email when you sign up.

When you log in you will see Tabs on the left that allow you to access the different sections of the LikeNET page:
  • Opportunities
  • Games
  • Leader Board
  • Contests
  • My Account

How can you earn with LikeNET?

They have various ways of earning which they call "Opportunities".  Each Opportunity has budget that is set by the business, so Opportunities are on a first-come first-served basis.  The various Opportunities they offer are:

Facebook Likes: "Like" a Facebook Page.  You ~must~ continue to Like the page to get paid out.  If you Unlike the page, when it comes to cash out time those points will be deducted from your total.
Facebook Shares: "Share" a status from a company on Facebook
Google +1: +1 a company through Google, this is equivalent to a Facebook "Like"
Leads: These are where a company pitches a product or service and you choose if you would like the company to contact you.  If you want them to contact you, you provide either your phone number or email to the company and they will follow up with you.
Website Codes: There will be code hidden on a website in one of the many pages.  The code will be in [Brackets].
eSurveys: These are short surveys that ask you targeted questions.

Each Opportunity that you do can be ignored.  If you don't want to participate in any of the Opportunities, you're not required to, but you won't get paid for them.

They also have the "Bonus Button".  If there are no Opportunities available, you can click the "Games" button and then scroll down to the "Free Daily Bonus" button.  You get from 0-10 points from the button and you can click it every day.

LikeNET also has "Bonus Codes" at least once every week.  These codes can be found usually on Facebook, but also sometimes on Twitter or in their email Newsletter.  Codes are usually designated by being in brackets [ ].  If there is a random post on the LikeNET Facebook page in brackets, better log in to LikeNET quick and put it in the "Bonus Code" spot located at the bottom of the "Games" section. Bonus Codes like Opportunities are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.  When entering the code, sometimes they do not copy and paste correctly and the code will say "Too Slow", in that case try typing it in.  Bonus Codes are always case sensitive and must be entered correctly.  Do not include the brackets, but do type in the code exactly as it appears.  If you have double-checked all of this and it still says "Too Slow" then the code has expired.

On the "My Account" section you will be able to change your settings.

You can choose to receive SMS Messages (text messages)
You will get both your LikeNET referral link and your LikeNET Business Portal Referral coupon code.
You can set your preferred payment method.  You can choose either having a cheque mailed to you, PayPal, or you can pick up your cheque if you're in Victoria.

Cash Outs:
When you reach 3500 points ($35.00) you will then be able to cash out.  LikeNET does their payouts on the 7th and the 21st of each month.  The $35.00 cash out and the twice monthly payout dates helps them reduce administration costs so they can provide you with more bang for buck aka "Opportunity".

Best of luck to you! ~Debbie S
Click to Join LikeNET

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Prizes at SuperPoints Rewards Catalog

Hey The SuperPoints Network fans!  New rewards available for Canadians!

Check out the iTunes and Best Buy cards.

iTunes range from: (Also includes iTunes App GC at $25 and $50 range)
$15 - 1965 points
$25 - 3350 points
$50 - 6250 points

BestBuy range from:
$5 - 655 points
$10 - 1290 points
$25 - 3125 points
$50 - 6150 points

Monday, 11 June 2012

Welcome to Canadian Money Makers and Savers!

Welcome to Canadian Money Makers and Savers. This blog is dedicated to sharing our love of all things "Freebies, contests and Extra Money for You!". You can get updates on your favourite money-maker sites as well as new Canadian Freebies, Coupons and contests all in one spot.  We originally started as a Facebook page called "SuperPoints Canada".  It was dedicated into helping fellow Canadian SuperPoints members with posting when offers credited, when videos were available and allowing them to get their referral links out there.

Over time it evolved into so much more.  We expanded to include Swagbucks, LikeNET, GiftHulk, and more.  On a daily basis I try to let my fans know if there are updates, codes, opportunities, videos or offers on these various money-maker sites.  I also post about any great freebies, coupons or contests I come across that my fans might enjoy.  Any tips, tricks and offer/task/video updates that I post here will be geared towards Canadians as yours truly is Canadian and only able to view offers available for Canada, however everyone is welcome!

Feel free to visit my Facebook Page and post your invite links to all of your favourite money-maker sites daily!

This blog has been created by Debbie S and is in no way affiliated with any of the sites we may endorse or talk about.