Sunday, 17 June 2012

Facebook Add to Interests Lists

Have you noticed that some of the pages that you have "Liked" aren't showing up in your News Feed in a regular basis?

If you do not interact with Facebook fan pages or business pages on a regular basis, Facebook will be less likely to show you their posts. To ensure you see posts from your favourite Facebook pages "Like" or Comment on their status updates regularly.

You can also add them to a Special Interests lists to help you see more of your favourites on your News Feed. And it can also help you sort through if you only want to see certain pages. Say you wanted to see only Couponing Pages, you could add them to a special interests list.

To do this, visit your favourite page and then click the little down arrow and then choose a name for your Special Interests list. I use "Pages" and keep them all together.

Once you have set up your Special Interests list, you will need a way to go back to the list. You can add it to your "Favourites" so that you see it in the same place that you see your News Feed and Messages. Click the "Home" button at the top right of the Facebook page and then scroll down to the bottom of the lists on the left. You should see a "More" button there. Click the "More" button. Click this and it shows "Interests"

Click the "More" button beside Interests and you will see the Special Interests lists you created. Click on the little icon beside the name of the Special Interests list and click "Add to Favourites" and you're all set.

Your Special Interests list will be displayed under on the "Home" page on Facebook under News Feed and Messages. You can add more Special Interests lists by going back to the Interests page and creating a new list and adding the new list to your Favourites. Then when you can choose which list you want to use for the pages you Like.

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