Monday, 11 June 2012

Welcome to Canadian Money Makers and Savers!

Welcome to Canadian Money Makers and Savers. This blog is dedicated to sharing our love of all things "Freebies, contests and Extra Money for You!". You can get updates on your favourite money-maker sites as well as new Canadian Freebies, Coupons and contests all in one spot.  We originally started as a Facebook page called "SuperPoints Canada".  It was dedicated into helping fellow Canadian SuperPoints members with posting when offers credited, when videos were available and allowing them to get their referral links out there.

Over time it evolved into so much more.  We expanded to include Swagbucks, LikeNET, GiftHulk, and more.  On a daily basis I try to let my fans know if there are updates, codes, opportunities, videos or offers on these various money-maker sites.  I also post about any great freebies, coupons or contests I come across that my fans might enjoy.  Any tips, tricks and offer/task/video updates that I post here will be geared towards Canadians as yours truly is Canadian and only able to view offers available for Canada, however everyone is welcome!

Feel free to visit my Facebook Page and post your invite links to all of your favourite money-maker sites daily!

This blog has been created by Debbie S and is in no way affiliated with any of the sites we may endorse or talk about.

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