Saturday, 30 June 2012

Neutrogena Perk from Klout

Do we have any Klout members here?  Thanks to the SmartCanucks "Klout Club" for the head's up.  There is a new Perk available for Neutrogena!  Must have a Klout score above 40 and be influential in Skin Care, Beauty, Health or Acne.  It appears that not everyone that meets these requirements may be eligible as it may be based on age, demographic or postal code.  Thank you to the wonderful Fallen Pixels for this info!

From the Perk:

"Treat Past, Present & Future Acne

Your high school days are over. Your acne should be too. The new NEUTROGENA® RAPID CLEAR® All-in-1 line includes a Daily Scrub and Facial Lotion, formulated with Soy, Retinol* and MICROCLEAR® Salicylic Acid technology to help treat past, present and future signs of acne**. These new products from the dermatologist-recommended brand work fast without over-drying skin, so that you can forget about acne and get on with your life.

*Retinol is only contained in the Facial Lotion

**Reduces the look of past acne signs / marks

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