Tuesday, 19 June 2012

CantBeatFree Crowdflower Tasks Fixed!

Woooohooo! It looks like my Crowdflower task problem on CBF is fixed! Apparently my username was too long to be recognized properly with Crowdflower. J has changed my username and credited me for my task points that were held hostage. Tomorrow I will be trying to do all the tasks at CBF and hope I can get the extra 25 points from the bonus bar!

If you love doing Casino Tasks and are able to do at least 10 every day, CantBeatFree is the most rewarding place to do them. You receive your Casino Task points (50 or more) plus 25 points for filling the Bonus Bar by doing 10 offers.

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  1. How can you do 10 Casino Tasks a day? You can only do 1

  2. Hi Shinruu - sorry I didn't see your comment until now.

    When you do "Casino Tasks" there are a number of them that come up.

    "Casino Tasks" come out every day in the evening around 5:40pm CST - 6:10pm CST. Click "Get Points" button and then the "Matomy" button and then "tasks". The easiest to do look like: Answer a few questions about a website (Canada - Wednesday task #5) and are commonly referred to as "Casino tasks". You just follow the instructions on the page and then submit. Sometimes these tasks work, sometimes they don't. If they say "Finished" or "Thanks you've done all you can do" just go to the next one. If you get one that allows you to do some work, then the best advice I can give you is find the page and click on it, remember where it was on the google list (1st page, 3rd on the list) then wait about 10 seconds, then click on the "Featured Games", wait about 10 seconds then click on the box at the bottom before you fill out any of the work. If it doesn't give you a red box with an error you can finish the work and submit it.


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