Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Ohhh noooo!!! Tonja Lewis has started something!

With my little "game" on Facebook she introduced me to Freaky Pets...

Well, I am a plushie fanatic.  I love all things plushie, and these Freaky Pets are so cute!  I just ordered 3 of them!  And even better, I found an online coupon code that still works!  Each Freaky Pet is $8.99 right now and I found a coupon code to take off another $5.50 FOR EACH Pet!  If you love plushies, or your kids love plushies, visit and browse the plushies.  Once you've got the ones you want in your cart, enter coupon code "GWEEK550" without the quotation marks.

3 FreakyPets cost me $10.47 (CHEAP!) + $8.00 shipping (very reasonable!)  So all totaled $18.47 for 3 super cute plushies and all of it technically free because I used my PayPal balance from LikeNET to pay for it! :)

They also have a Facebook page, where they do Freaky Pet giveaways, check it out!

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