Wednesday, 18 July 2012

LikeNET Update

LikeNET has confirmed that all members that had $35 or more in their account prior to all of the changes will be getting their payout.  They have already gone through and have set the balance to Zero on all eligible accounts and the information has been transferred to Accounts Payable to process the payments.  Your method of payout will be the method on your account as of today.  If you chose PayPal, you will receive a PayPal payment, if you chose cheque, you will receive a cheque.  Thank you to Karen Cail Hill for the head's up.

From their Facebook page:

"As we work our way through a new model for LikeNET, it is clear to us that moving from a $35 to $50 payout was a necessary business decision.

We apologize for taking this step without notice and agree that LikeNET users who had $35 or more in points banked when the decision was made should be paid. PayPal payments and/or cheques (depending on how you are set up in our payment system) will be sent this week to those people who had $35 or more banked.

We understand that LikeNET users want to earn more points and we will post more opportunities as they become available. Please note that the daily bonus button was not part of the original LikeNET system and was offered as a bonus gift to LikeNET users.
It may appear again.

We continue to work towards the introduction of a new model within the next two weeks and thank those who have continued to support us."

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