Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tips on entering Facebook "Share" Contests.

Some tips on entering Facebook Contests.

Often you will be asked to Like and Share a status or picture to enter a contest.

When this happens, pages like mine Share the status with you our fans so that you can also see it and enter. However, Liking and Sharing the status of the page that you saw it on, will not enter you into the contest.

If it is a photo that is being Shared, you need to click on the photo that was Shared. The photo will pop up and will have the contest requirements. Please read them, and then depending on what they require you will then need to Like, Comment and Share that photo per the contest rules.

If it is a status, again sharing the page's status that you found it on will not work. You will need to click on the name of the page that is actually holding the contest and find the particular status in question and follow the rules.

Hope this helps to clarify some things.

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