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Superpoints is back and it's open to Canadians again.

New to The SuperPoints Network or want to join SuperPoints? Some information for you to help you get started:

Superpoints has tiered level memberships.  You must complete the first tier to advance to the next.  At each tier you have 1000 referral invites per month, but various levels give you access to more spins and prizes.  They have also introduced experience and Karma into the equation.  Hereafter SuperPoints you earn will be noted as SP and experienced earned will be noted as XP.

Experience is earned by spinning the SuperLucky Button, doing offers and surveys, opening SuperLucky mail and referring other members.  Each time you level up you get 100SP and 100XP towards the next level. 

Karma is earned by completing consecutive tasks.  Depending on your Karma level you earn more experience for everything you do.  Superpoints confirmed how it works below.  Please note, SuperLucky emails are not sent on weekends, but that doesn't count against your karma.  It only counts for the days they actually send the emails.

Karma Level 1 = .1x your XP when you complete 10+ SuperLucky Button Clicks on 1 of 7 consecutive days.

Karma Level 2 = .25x your XP when you complete 10+ SuperLucky Button Clicks OR 1 LuckyMail Opens on 2 of 7 consecutive days.

Karma Level 3 = .5x your XP when you complete 10+ SuperLucky Button Clicks OR 1 LuckyMail Opens on 5 of 7 consecutive days.

Karma Level 4 = 1x your XP when you complete 10+ SuperLucky Button Clicks AND 1 LuckyMail Opens on 7 of 7 consecutive days.

Karma Level 5 = 2x your XP when you complete 100+ SuperLucky Button Clicks AND 1 LuckyMail Opens on 7 of 7 consecutive days. 

So if you have Karma Level 5, for every 10 XP you earn, you'll really earn 30XP = (10 x (1+2)) 

Basic Level Membership 

 This is the starting level for all new members.  You get 10 spins per day, but you're unable to cash out. 

Bronze Level Membership

 Must validate your email, complete your profile and get to Level 3XP.  You now get 25 spins per day and you can cash out.  Note that it appears you can only choose one reward per reward tier. 

Gold Level Membership 

Must have 5 Bronze Members from referrals and be at Level 10XP.  You get 100 spins per day and you still can only redeem one reward per tier.

Platinum Level Membership 

This is a paid membership level only.  You must be Level 2XP and you get 200 spins per day, plus you can sponsor 2 members who are joining without a referral link per day.  There are no advertisements at this level and you an redeem multiple rewards per tier and get expedited reward fulfillment.  To upgrade to Platinum membership it is a one-time payment of $14.95 per year. 

Diamond Level Membership:

This is the highest membership level available.  To get to this level you need to be Level 30XP and have 50 referrals at the Bronze level.  You get 200 spins per day as well as no advertisements, multiple rewards per tier and expedited reward fulfillment.  You can also sponsor 5 members who are joining without a referral link per day.

How do you earn SuperPoints?

Make sure to click the SuperLucky button every day!  You may get lucky or you may get nothing, but don't forget to spin,  You can see how many spins you have left on the home page and to do your spins just click on the "SuperLucky Button" box.  To navigate to other pages click the "Menu" icon at the top left of the page and you can go to the various pages from there.  Click the "Menu" icon again to close it.

Refer other members with your referral link.  Once your referrals have reached Bronze Member Level you get 2500 SP and 2500 XP.  To get your referral link click "Invite New Members" then copy and paste your referral link.  To get it out there you can put it on your own Facebook page, on the main wall of the CMM&S page, other fan sites like Share it With Erik and SuperPoints Fansite.  You can also put it in your signature in forums that allow referral links.

Other ways to earn on SuperPoints.

Click "Get More SuperPoints" and check out the various offer walls.  You can check the offer walls for surveys, or other offers to do, like signing up for a survey site, or downloading a game and trying it, etc.

They send "SuperLucky Mails" Monday to Friday which can contain bonus points.  You are not guaranteed to win anything, but to check if you're a winner click the blue SuperPoints SuperLucky Mail banner.  If you're a winner, your winnings will be shown in your Balance ledger.

There are also tasks every day. "Casino Tasks" come out every day in the evening, but there are also other tasks available. Click "Get Points" button and then the "SuperRewards" button and then "Tasks". The easiest to do look like: Answer a few questions about a website (Canada - Wednesday task #5) and are commonly referred to as "Casino Tasks".

Stumble Rewards were just added.  If you're familiar with Stumbleupon, it's the same sort of idea.  If you don't know what Stumbleupon is, it's a webpage that gives you suggested websites based on criteria you provide it.  To get to the SuperPoints Stumble Rewards in the menu page.  From there you can narrow down what you want to see by choosing your interests.  You can choose as many as you prefer, or as few as you prefer.  Then click "Discover" and it will show you page options from your chosen interests.  Randomly you will be awarded SP and each time you click, you gain 1 XP + whatever bonuses you have for Karma.  So far for clicking and discovering new sites I have seen 5 point wins and a 25 point win.  You can also submit sites yourself by clicking the + icon.  If people like your submission you can earn SP as well.


 There are various reward tiers in the Rewards Catalogue.  To get there click the "Menu" icon and choose "Rewards".  The first reward tier opens up when you become a Bronze Level Member.  Each Tier thereafter will unlock at a specific XP level and as you gain in levels the rewards are better prices.  The first prize you can redeem for is a $1 or card (depending on where you live).  This is worth 2,000 SP which isn't a great deal at all.  It takes some time to earn this especially if you are only relying on the SuperLucky Button, SuperLucky Mails and the occasional offer.  If you like doing offers, surveys or tasks it will definitely come a lot faster.

At higher levels the reward prices do get better.  At Reward Tier 4, a $25.00 or gift card can be redeemed for 36,000 SP which is equal to 1440SP per $1.00 which is at least a bit better.

Other Info

If you want a customized referral link it is $1.99 one-time.  To do so visit the "Get Points" page and it's on the list there or you can get there from the "Invite New Members" page and click the "Purchase your reserved referral link" link.
Hope this helps!

Debbie S ~ Canadian Money Makers and Savers

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