Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mega Swag Booty Day Update

Arrrrr matey!  Are ye ready for Mega Swagbucks Booty Day tomorrow?  Ye'll need to be up bright and early as tha Treasure Hunt starts at 4AM PDT.   If ye can follow along for tha full Treasure Hunt, ye can earn up to 60SB with 7 codes being released through tha day.

There'll be lots of other ways for ye to earn as well.  Ye can earn up to 1,000SB in a single search.  Ye can also win 100SB by showing off yer snazzy Eyepatch on Facebook

Keep yer good eye on the Map, as ye'll need it to find tha Treasure!  I'll be doin' me best to keep you in the loop all day.

Captain CMM&S aka Debbie, Scourge of the Swaggy Seas

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