Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mega Swagbucks Booty Day!

Yarrrrrr Matey!  In honour of "Talk like a Pirate Day", Swagbucks will be having Mega Swagbucks Booty Day on Wednesday, September 19th!

Git yer Treasure hunting gear ready, as Swagbucks will be givin' ye maps to a special Pirate Treasure!  Ye'll need to figure out all the clues (codes) to find the Treasure!

 As always, Captain CMMnS will be doing 'er best to help ye scurvy dogs with the Treasure Hunt!  No Mutiny's now!


  1. Ahoy Matey.. I am all set for the Treasure hunt. This is my 3 yr old daughters fav game :)

    1. I'll be trying to post about the clues all day, hopefully we can all get all of the codes!


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