Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Swagbucks - Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

The devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy are still being felt all over the East Coast as relief efforts are underway. Swagbucks is offering you the chance to donate some of your SB to the American Red Cross to aid in their relief efforts. If you'd like to donate, please visit their donation page in the Swagbucks Store to start donating your SB. You can donate as much as you want and for every SB you donate, Swagbucks will turn them into a cash donation to the Red Cross.  Each SB is equivalent to $0.01.  While this may not seem like a lot, if every fan on their Swagbucks page donated even 1SB, Swagbucks would give $12,000 to the Red Cross!

For my US fans, if you want to get involved in other ways, they're also looking for people to donate blood; please go Here to find the location nearest you.

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