Tuesday, 9 October 2012

CantBeatFree Repeating Video Clarification

Hey guys!  J has finally spoken and clarified regarding the Matomy Money repeating 3 point repeating video.  J states:

"Howdy Folks

I know many have asked over and over about the repeating video on Matomy. Yes you can watch the video as many times as Matomy will allow you to however you must watch the video. I am allowing ppl to do it and get their bonus bars however please limit your views to 30 as I lose a little bit of money every time you watch it with the Jackpot and the Bonus Bar."

What this means is this:

Per day you can watch the video 30 times.  This earns you 90 points for watching the video, and 3 Bonus Bars for 75 points for a total of 165 points per day from this video if you see it.  If you choose to disregard this request, it could mean your points being revoked.

Please also note, that some US members have stated there is a 1 point video that has been repeating on either Volume11 or on Matomy.  If you come across this, it does not count towards the BB, but I do not know if you can watch this as many times as possible.  Use your best judgement.

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