Saturday, 15 December 2012

Earning Opportunity

Hey money-maker fans!  There is a great task available called "Compare Local Search Engine Results, then Rate their Relevance!".  This is one of my absolute favourite tasks, as once you get the hang of it, it is really quite easy and the payout for this task is really good.

There are 4 Search Engine result tabs that you need to rate. Compare each result to the search query to see if it matches the result, and then rate it based on the information returned. For example. I had "spca in pensacola fl" I saw on one of the tabs that had "The Humane Society" and an address and ph# for that result. I did a quick Google Search to make sure there was indeed a result like this (because sometimes they try to trick you) and it was correct. The other 3 tabs had NO results whatsoever. So with the one that had the Humane Society, it also had other results with different city addresses. For the 3 that had NO results, I chose BAD, and the reason as "expected results, but none were returned". For the one that had the right listing, but some wrong listings I chose "OK" and the reason as " I found the right listing(s), but there were also irrelevant results"

So go to town! I am doing them at Clixsense right now, for $0.12 each! If you'd like to try it out, join me at Clixsense, or try them at your favourite money-maker sites. PrizeZombie and Zoombucks are also offering them for $0.08 each.

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