Monday, 3 December 2012

PrizeZombie Update

Hey PrizeZombie fans!  PrizeZombie is offering 50SL (Survival Loot) when you sign up.  This is a 20SL bonus over the normal 30SL members receive when signing up.  Sponsors who refer new referrals will also earn 15SL per referral.  Normally sponsors do not receive an initial bonus for signing up new members, but PrizeZombie is trying to reach 100,000 users as quickly as possible.

What does more users mean?  It means that PrizeZombie may be able to offer better discounts on rewards and new earning opportunities.  Since joining November 7, 2012 I have personally cashed out for $35.00 worth of gift cards.  Part of this is thanks to the wonderful network of referrals that have joined me at PrizeZombie.  They offer 10% referral bonus for offers, surveys and tasks that your referral completes, and there is currently no limit to what they can earn you.

Want to know more about PrizeZombie?  Check out my Tips page.

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