Sunday, 7 April 2013

March 2013 Reward Site Stats

Hey CMM&S fans, time for my March 2013 Reward Site Earnings post, sorry this one is really late! 

March was a pretty good month for me for some sites, and in others I really slacked off.  I find that I have been a lot busier at work, and in the evenings I'm wanting to spend more time with family, or checking out blogs rather than attempting surveys.  I still do my Casino Tasks every day if possible though.  I find that with so many sites, it is hard to keep up with them all.

I was actually lucky to get a 5% discount and ordered a $10.00 gift card.  I wish they had the cheaper $5 cards back, or lowered their PayPal prices, but it doesn't look like the $5 card will be back any time soon.  At the end of March I had about 875HC earned from random searches, the Treasure Box and my excellent referrals.

No earnings here for me.  Again, this is one that I do infrequently.  I try to remember to log in daily and get my 1ZB as well as visit the ZDaily Homepage and search, but it's usually one of the last on my list and I forget, especially if I get busy or distracted.  Last month I cashed out for $10 and was up to 158ZB.  For March I got up to 325ZB, so as you can see I don't really do much here at all.  I could do more as their tasks are actually reasonably priced.

Oh PrizeZombie, how I miss PZTV.  Not much doing here I'm afraid.  I have a couple referrals who are still active here.  As of the end of March I had 1300SL.  I am saving up for a $25.00 card so that I can have the "Family Discount" here.  I am hoping they bring back PZTV eventually.

I have actually forgotten about adding this one to the list.  This is another site I use occasionally.  I try to log in daily and get my 5 points from visiting the offers.  I also enter their Promo Codes and search occasionally.  I do have one very active referral that has been helping me out greatly with this site.  Every search they get, you get matching points up to 3,000 points.  I am up to 2,000 points as of the end of March.

Another occasional site I use.  When I remember to log in, I do the DiDi Daily Print 2 Coupons-VIP ONLY offer as well as the 0.001 point video on TV and the Virool videos.  This site is the only one I've found that still offers 1 full point per Virool video.  Other sites like PrizeZombie are offering 0.5 points per video.  I used to use this site regularly when they allowed you to do Casino Tasks and build up bonus bars for an extra 25 points per 10 offers over 3 points or more.  I do have one referral there that does a few things and I earn 12% of what they earn.  As of the end of March I had 300 points.

Swagbucks really is one of the best earning sites out there.  It has a lot of variety and it has decent payouts for offers and surveys.  Not the best mind you, but because they offer lots of ways to earn easy points daily by Searching, SBTV and Games, they're an excellent site for those that just want to stick with one earning website.  This month I earned my 5 x $5 and I redeemed for 2 x $25 PayPal gift cards.  March was pretty good to me, and at the end of March I had enough to order 3 of my $5 cards for April and almost enough for 4. 

Definitely not as good as January again, but still a decent month for earnings.  However I miss being able to do SSI surveys more often.  Unfortunately SSI surveys run out rather quickly and disappear by the time I am finished work.  If I can't get to them early in the day, then they're gone.  This is very unfortunate since SSI surveys definitely helped boost my earnings.  I have also been pretty busy lately, and not spending as much time doing surveys every day so my earnings dropped a bit.  In total I earned $82.28 this month.  That includes $6.38 that I earned from my awesome referrals.  Bit better than February, but only because technically I got an extra payment period.

So for ease of use, for later, here is the breakdown of my earnings for February 2013:

ClixSense: $79.31 PayPal
Swagbucks: $25.00 and $50 PayPal
GiftHulk: $10.00
PrizeZombie: $0.00
Zoombucks: $0.00
CantBeatFree: $0.00
iRazoo: $0.00

Total = $164.31

Last month I earned $129.31 and in January I earned $239.51. 

Please leave your earnings in the comments with your name so we can keep track at the end of the year what we earned!  If you're just joining me with tracking your reward earnings you can also go back to January and February and leave me a comment with your reward earnings!

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  1. March total earnings $178.54. February total earnings $160.69. January total earnings $135.80.

    1. Awesome Eric! Want to let us know what those were from? :)

      Also, I'd love to see a breakdown and would love if you'd post on Jan and Feb posts. You can find them by clicking the "Reward Earnings" link at the top of the page.

  2. Amanda Neander7 April 2013 at 20:15

    Swagbucks: $50
    Gifthulk: $45
    Instagc: $6
    Tellwut: $20
    And if it counts two $5 checks from a taste testing of pizza's

    1. Nice total Amanda! Those cheques sure do count!

  3. This is just what I cashed out, not necessarily what I made that month.
    Swagbucks: $50 paypal and $15
    Ipsos Isay: $20
    Inbox Dollars: $40.07
    Savingstar: 11.60

    1. Great job Sue! I usually count what I cashed out and received in that month, unless the payout is going to take some time, then I note I earned it but haven't received it yet. Zoombucks and iRazoo can take a while.

  4. I did ok, not as good as you guys though

    swagbucks: $25
    ClixSense: $24.50
    Daily survey: $1.50
    Web perspectives: $20
    neilson homescan: $15 ( earned but will recieve end of year I think)
    Surveryhead: $40

    1. Great job Eric! Nice earnings on Surveyhead!

  5. I track mine the same way Sue does - Only count what I cashed out for the month, not necessarily what I've earned

    Swagbucks - $20 (amazon)
    ClixSense - $19.47 (paypal)
    I-Say - $15 (paypal)
    Field Agent - $16.50 (paypal)

    Nicer weather means less time earning ;)
    Grand Total - $70.97

    1. Yep, I do it the same way. I note what I "earned" as in Swagbucks or extra GiftHulk points, etc so that I know where I started off previously, but I only actually count what I cashed out in my "earnings".


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