Friday, 12 April 2013

Swagbucks Update

Hey Swagbucks fans!  Great news from Swagbucks.  We are now allowed to share active codes across the world wide web.  No more trying to furtively point to the code, I can simply share the code with all my fans.  CMM&S has been happily sharing how to find these codes with you for some time, but from now on I'll be able to give you the code, unless it is a special code that has random letters and numbers that expires.  These are sometimes on Blog Posts, Sweepstakes or the Toolbar/Swidget. 

I'm sorry I was unable to give you the code from earlier that they released this afternoon, but I am hoping things at work calm down soon and I will be able to spend more time updating you on all your favourite money-maker sites!

Join me at Swagbucks

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