Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hard Candy Contest Win

Hey CMM&S fans!  Remember how I told you I won the giveaway from Hard Candy?  I wanted to say a big thank you to Hard Candy for the contest and for the amazing prize.  I feel very fortunate to have won this contest.  I enter many contests, but I was REALLY hoping to win this one, and lady luck was with me.  I wanted to show you what I won.  I won their entire newest collection of nail polishes.  There are 5 parts to the collection and 9 polishes in each.

This blog post is going to be super picture heavy and as I want to show you all that I received.  This collection is amazing!  The colours are gorgeous and I can't wait to wear them all.  The collection that I was looking most forward to was their Crushed Chromes collection.  I love metallic nail polish, and though I have only actually looked at the colours outside the bottle for almost all of these polishes, the colours are beautiful and varied.  There are a couple that are kind of close, but I will actually consider taking requests to do swatches based on the colours and colour names I'll be posting for you.

Each bottle of polish is a sturdy cylinder style bottle.  I like the design as I find they don't tip easy, even when I am pulling out the drawer of my plastic cabinet.  They retail at Walmart for $3.99 each and they are 7.8ML or 0.26FL OZ.  Compared to other brands I have used like China Glaze, these are actually a bit more expensive.  The bottles of China Glaze are 14ML or 0.5FL OZ and for their regular collection I can get these for $5.99 at my local Sally Beauty store with my Sally card, or $6.49 without.  However, I have to say, that I am already considering purchasing backups of the ones I think I will really like.  The whole collection is fun, imaginative and super colourful.  The collection is primarily made up of glitter type polishes, but they also have a metallic polish collection which was what really caught my eye at first. 

The collection that really got me interested in the Hard Candy polishes is their Crushed Chromes collection.  I love metallic looking polishes, and I love the range of these colours.  I had seen some swatches on Crushed on Lava, and they look simply amazing.  The one that caught my eye first was the Crushed on Amethyst as Purple is my favourite colour.  Check out these beauties, they are just lovely.  I have only seen most of them in the bottle, but they just scream "put me on" when I look at them.  I will be trying each and every one of these polishes eventually, but I also want to let you know about application and wear, and I will do a "Swatch and Review" for each one eventually.  However, I have taken a picture that lists their names for you now in case you'd like to ask me any questions about them.

The next collection that caught my eye because it was so super bright and colourful and shimmery is the Itzy Glitzy collection.  These colours are lovely and when I opened the package it reminded me of a rainbow.  These are all lovely shimmer/glitter polishes.  I tried the yellow and orange very briefly, and they were not super obvious with one quick coat, but still pretty and shimmery.  These would be great layered over a similar colour, or built up if you have the patience.

The next collection that called out to me is their Candy Sprinkles collection.  The base of these is a milky colour in which there are little round glitters.  These are super cute and fun.  I think they're perfect for Spring with pastel shades and glitter peeking through.  While in my photo Sugar Rush an Jelly Bean Blue may look like duplicates, they are similar but not exact.  Jelly Bean Blue has blue glitter in it and Sugar Rush appears to have black glitter in it.

I haven't checked out any of this collection yet other than admiring them in the bottle, but the glitters are lovely in this one.  This collection is called Glitteratzi.  All of the colours are different, but they also have different glitters as well.  Some appear to have hex glitters and some appear to have little skinny bar glitters.  I'm not usually a fan of bar glitter, but these don't seem very large so I think I'll like these ones.  Fire Flash is much more orange than my pictures show.

And last, but certainly not least is the lovely Crystal Confetti Collection.  A glitter hound would certainly go crazy with this one, and for almost the whole Hard Candy collection even.  There are so many ways to mix and match these ones with not only the colours in this collection, but with all of your favourite nail polishes.  These will definitely give a sparkly kick to any manicure.  I will have to try these out soon.  Jubilee looks super interesting and I bet it would look great over my Color Club Wild Cactus.

So there you have it!  45 different nail polishes from Hard Candy.  Available at Walmart in Canada and US.  If there are any that you are interested in seeing, let me know by leaving a comment below and I will put it on my list to swatch and review.

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  1. Congratulations!!! Amazing prize!

    1. Thanks love, I can't wait to try and wear them all!


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