Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Krisda Splash Review

Hey CMM&S fans!  Recently I was given the opportunity to review Krisda Splash thanks to the wonderful Dana at Coupon Nannie.  Krisda is a North American company that makes and distributes sweeteners made out of Stevia.  You can visit their Facebook Page to check them out or visit their Website for detailed information about their company and products.

A couple years ago I was really big into getting in shape and losing weight.  This went great for a while and I actually lost 45lbs.  It was tough, but I did it.  Unfortunately a couple years later, and I've gained pretty much all if it back.  This is frustrating and heartbreaking, but I have no one but myself to blame for not keeping up with my exercise and watching my calorie intake.

I love sugar, especially in my tea in the morning and nothing I've found tastes quite the same.  I've tried Splenda, SteviaSweet, Equal and others, but nothing has replaced real sugar for me.  Krisda has a regular tabletop sweetner I'd love to try, but for today I have their juice crystals to try out. 

When I was on my eating better and exercise kick, I bought tons of the Crystal Light juice crystals, because I wanted to drink more water, but I wanted to have something with flavour that was easy to take with me and I could put in my own water bottle and go and not worry about all the extra plastic I was using with bottled flavoured waters. 

One thing that really stands out for me with the Krisda Splash I received is the crystals in the Field Berry package I got are white granules like regular sugar. One of the problems I had with Crystal Light was that the crystals didn't completely dissolve even after much stirring or shaking.  Crystal Light is also coloured and I found that if I didn't clean my water bottle really well after using them, the little crystals would stick to the container, first of all discolouring it and then also making everything I put in the bottle taste like Crystal Light for days after.  All of the crystals from Krisda Splash dissolved completely and there is no residue settled on the bottom of my glass and the water is clear.  I haven't put it in a bottle yet, but I am thinking that because it dissolves so well, this wouldn't be an issue with Krisda Splash.

One Krisda Splash packet is enough to flavour 600ml of water.  You can choose to use more or less water depending on your tastes, but I filled a tall glass with about 600ml of water and the one package was definitely enough to flavour the water.  I was really happy with the taste of it.  It's fruity, flavourful, but isn't overpowering at all.  I can definitely taste the raspberry flavour.

One thing I have to note with all of the juice crystals I've tried is the aftertaste.  After drinking the water, I'm always left with a little bit of a bitter aftertaste, and I get the dry-mouth feeling.  So while I like the original flavour, I'm not too partial to it afterwards because it makes me feel like I need to drink more water to get that taste out of my mouth and to get rid of that dry feeling.  Krisda Splash was unfortunately no exception to this, but it was not so unpleasant that I wouldn't use it again.

Overall, I did enjoy the taste of Krisda Splash and I'd definitely be willing to purchase this as an alternative to Crystal Light as Krisda is made with Stevia and Crystal Light is made with Aspertame.  I am trying to cut out as many products as I can that are made with Aspertame.

Ingredients in the Krisda Splash I received are:

Medicinal Ingredients: Vitamin A 200 MCG RAE, Vitamin C 12 MG ,Vitamin E 2.7 MG AT. Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Inulin, Erythritol, Stevia leaf extract, Natural fruit extract and Natural flavour.

At this time there is no nutritional information on the website, however, Coupon Nannie states the following for the details regarding the product:

Every Delicious Krisda Splash flavor adds life to water naturally without calories and artificial ingredients
  • All Natural
  • Zero Calories
  • Sugar Free
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavours, colors or preservatives
  • Made with real fruit extract
  • Sweetened with premium Krisda stevia sweetener
  • Enhanced with vitamins A, C, & E
  • Kosher, Vegan, GMO Free
You can also visit their Website to see where you can purchase their products.  They are available at my local Walmart on Regent, so I will definitely have to check them out.

**Product provided for honest review.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced by the company**

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