Friday, 15 March 2013

Winners "Start the Car" Shop!

Hey CMM&S fans!  I just came back from shopping at Costco, Sally Beauty and Winners!

Costco was our usual stock up of snacks, lunch meat, milk and a couple other things.  Nothing new or exciting there, but as always we come out with more stuff than we "need".

Funnily enough when I went to Sally Beauty, they had the China Glaze Ombre collections for $10.95, two dollars cheaper than I got in the US!  But, their Seche Vite top coat is $11 and the base is $10, and I got both the top and base coat in the US for $6.95, so I'm ahead of the game still.  I did pick up Fairy Dust and Ruby Pumps, two of the colours I see talked about a lot, plus a container for my acetone and a buffer.  The China Glaze were on 2 for $10, so I couldn't resist.  In April there will be a buy 2 get 1 free going on, but I found that out after I already purchased, so maybe I'll pick up some of the Hologlam polishes.

I've been eying some of the Color Club collections on Nail Polish Canada, and I reached out to Color Club to ask where I could get there polish and they mentioned Winners carries their polish.  Well a stop in to Winners and I walked out with their Fiesta and Kaleidoscope collections.  Each with 6 polishes and what I'm assuming is a top coat.  The best part about this shop at Winners?  These collections were $9.99 EACH!  On Nail Polish Canada and even on the Color Club website, they're between $35 - $55 for the sets and I don't see the Kaleidoscope set on either of them. 

I am totally amazed!  THANK YOU Color Club for sending me to Winners.  I also found out that they get in Color Club regularly, so I will be heading there often to see if they have any new sets in.  There were just the two, but Fiesta is actually from their Spring Collection and came out recently and to get it for $10 is a STEAL to me!  It felt like a "start the car" moment.  If they get in the Halo Hues, even though I already purchased them from Ebay, I will most definitely be picking up backups if they're $9.99 for the set! 

With taxes, let's just say they're about $11 each, I got 6 colours and a top coat for $1.57 each!  That's freaking awesome!  I checked out each and every colour, and the only one I don't really care for is the yellow from the Fiesta collection.  It looks like a greeny yellow and doesn't look good on me at all.  But perhaps it will be good for some nail art at some point!  So I'd call this another successful shopping trip.  I almost didn't go in to Winners because my husband was impatient, but I'm so glad I did.  It was in the same parking lot as Sally Beauty so I just couldn't resist.

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