Thursday, 31 January 2013

GiftHulk Code

Hey GiftHulk fans!  GiftHulk has their weekly Newsletter out with a GiftHulk code.  Enter "7millionkeys" without the quotation marks at the Fountain of Youth and you will be awarded 5 Hulk Coins!  They are also doing a special promotion where your Treasure Box keys can earn you one of ten $5 gift cards. 

Check out their Newsletter below

Hi, moneymakersandsavers!

Treasure Box Special!


Over 7,000,000 Treasure Keys were used at the Treasure Box!

To celebrate that - some lucky GiftHulkers will win big at Treasure Box today!

Use your Treasure Keys NOW and you will have a good chance to win one of the 10 $5 Gift Cards that are now waiting for you in the Treasure Box!

Get your Gift Card!
Be the First to Know!

More than 15,000 Tapporo Downloads!

Tapporo for iOS is in late development stages now!
Join the waiting list to be notified first when it comes out: Tapporo iOS Waiting List

Tapporo on Google Play

Tapporo Website

At Tapporo you earn ORO Coins by engaging with brands(watching videos, installing free apps and completing offers from well-known brands).
You can then use your ORO Coins to purchase prizes at Tapporo Store!
Fountain of Youth
Enter the Code!

Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code!

Special Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code:

Enter "7millionkeys" at the Fountain of Youth and you will be awarded 5 Hulk Coins!

Valid for the first 10000 users!

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