Saturday, 12 January 2013

Keep Rewarding

Hey money-maker fans!  I was recently contacted by Chris, the Owner and Admin of KeepRewarding, a relatively new GPT site.  Keep Rewarding's style is along the lines of and RewardingWays with CPC Offers, videos and surveys.  They are working towards getting even more offers available as well as Crowdflower. 

Chris reached out to me because he wanted to dispel the myth that his site is in any way affiliated with CantBeatFree.  While the layout, offer options, rewards system and even some of the rules are very similar, Chris has assured me that he is not J, and that KeepRewarding is completely separate from CantBeatFree.

In fact, one of the reasons I had not joined this site up until now was the similarity of the sites, and that it was an offer on CantBeatFree, but Chris has assured me that this was simply because it was CBF members he was targeting to join his site.

I've decided to check it out, and while I haven't put much time into it, I feel it may appeal to those that love doing surveys and offers.  There is a wide variety of offers, including easy CPC offers and unlike CantBeatFree you should only see offers that are available to you.  This was a huge problem on the CantBeatFree wall because most of the offers could not be completed by Canadians or UK members.  KeepRewarding has their site set up so their particular wall only shows offers available in your country.

KeepRewarding is open to USA, Canada and the UK. You can redeem at 600 points for $5 or $5 Paypal or if you save until 2500 points and redeem for a $25 prize you will then be an E-Member, which is their version of a VIP member.  $5 rewards are then only 450 points.  If Keep Rewarding has a number of Canadian members that are interested in gift cards, then they will look into offering those as well.

Because I wanted a little more insight into Chris and his goals so that I could share with you, I asked him to provide a little about himself.  The following is in his own words.

Who is Chris from KeepRewarding?

"Basically I was a member of CBF and enjoyed it's sense of community, but I saw and felt it had more potential if more time was able to be invested in it. Obviously there was no chance of me partnering with CBF so I decided my next best opportunity was to start my own GPT Site and run it the way I would want to be treated as a member. As I have been a member of various GPT Sites, I feel I have a good understanding of what the members perspective is and what things they do and don't like about GPT sites. Now that I am someone who is on both sides of the coin I feel that I can deliver a service that will appeal to most members. It is also my hope that I could run the site in a full time capacity, I am currently unemployed which allowed me the opportunity to start the website and manage it full time. But I would love if it could become something permanent and sustainable. 

My initial goals are to establish the site and show that it can be trusted and paying. As the site grows I would hope to look into adding the ability to gain points for playing games, making searches, a video section and even further in the future shop and earn. Currently I believe these are only offered by the commercial established GPT Sites. I would also be seeking to add more rewards that users could choose from. 

So what makes me different? Basically I want to engage with my members. I feel that the mainstream GPT Sites like Swagbucks, Gifthulk etc don't have that personal relationship that makes the user feel connected, appreciated and needed on their site. I want to be seen as someone who is active on my site and who looks after the well being of my members, not just someone who wants to use them to line my pockets.

As you know I am from GB and yes I was and still am a member of CBF and a few other sites. Just another way for me to keep involved in the GPT world and not become disconnected."

If any of you are interested in checking it out, you can join with my referral link by clicking HERE.  Just for signing up you get 50points.  Though I have not cashed out yet as I just started, other members have.  If you have any questions, just post them in the ShoutBox and if Chris is available I'm sure he'll be happy to answer your questions if he can.

Please note, if you are directly to AdFly, this helps monetize the site, so once the time counter is complete, just click the X and you will be taken to the page you would like to go to.

This Blog Post was sponsored by KeepRewarding by offering me an E-Membership, but all observations and opinions are my own and were not influenced by KeepRewarding in any way.
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