Saturday, 19 January 2013

GiftHulk Update

Hey GiftHulk fans! GiftHulk announced that though they will still be doing prize payouts on Sunday as usual, prizes may come out later than normal, and some may even come out on Monday.  It's nice that they gave us a head's up.  Here is their post from Facebook:

"To the GiftHulk users that have redeemed their prizes in the last week:

Sunday Payment Cycle will happen as usual, however you may receive your prizes later in the day, than you are used to. 

This is a one-time occurrence.

Also, not all users may receive all of their prizes at the same time.

Please be patient and wait until start of Monday for your prize(this is the worst case scenario :) 

We are apologise for the inconvenience! 

GiftHulk Staff"

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