Friday, 11 January 2013

GiftHulk Giveaway and Code

Hey GiftHulk fans!  Just got the Newsletter announcing that GiftHulk is giving away $50.00 in Amazon gift cards in their Giveaway this week.  You are even able to choose if you're Canadian.  I've published their Newsletter below.

And there is aEnter "50amazongiveaway" without quotation marks at the Fountain of Youth and you will be awarded 5 Hulk Coins!  Valid for the first 10,000 users.

$50 Amazon Giveaway!

It will be hard for you not to win in this one!

This time we are giving away a whole bunch of prizes:
This time we are giving away free $50 worth (the winner will be able to choose one of them).

There will be plenty of winners! And they will get:
$25 Amazon Gift Card!
$10 Amazon Gift Card!
Three $5 Amazon Gift Cards!
A total of $50 in Amazon Gift Cards will be given out to the five lucky GiftHulkers!

You can earn entries for very simple actions listed in the RaffleCopter widget in the GiftHulk Giveaway post!
Enter the Giveaway!
Fountain of Youth
Get the Code!

Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code!

Special Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code:

Enter "50amazongiveaway" at the Fountain of Youth and you will be awarded 5 Hulk Coins!

Valid for the first 10000 users!

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