Wednesday, 13 March 2013

CMM&S Mail Mar 13, 2013

Hey guys!  So today's mail came with a couple goodies!  The last couple days I was just getting junk mail, so I was excited to see some things I was waiting for come in.

I received a wonderful super strong and sturdy tote bag from a contest win!  I won the contest on March 7, 2013 and received the tote already!  This contest was through Facebook at the Swissli page and it's still going.  There are 3 winners daily, and it is an easy Rafflecopter entry.  This contest ends March 29th and you can Tweet daily to get extra entries.  You can visit their Facebook page and enter HERE.

Burnbrae Farms sometimes has "surprise giveaway" contests for coupons, sometimes even free product coupons.  Today I received a coupon for $1 off their Naturegg OmegaPro eggs from their last surprise giveaway.  If you like their products, you can get updates and information as well as head's up on promotions by visiting their Facebook page HERE.

And last, but not least my Kellogg's Gas card finally arrived!  I had sent mine in sometime in December and it just arrived.  I thought it might have gotten lost on the way their, but I'm glad I finally got it.  Do you ever get something in the mail that you've totally forgotten you've signed up for?  I've had that happen on a number of occasions with those freebies that come in "6 to 8 weeks".  By that time I've forgotten about half of them!

I almost forgot that I also received my Wreck it Ralph BluRay Combo on Monday and didn't post!  I ordered it from while on their Amazon Prime trial and got it within 3 business days instead of their 2 business days.  I'm not sure what their policy is when things don't arrive on time, but I don't want to spend $80 a year if I'm not going to be getting things on time. 

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