Saturday, 2 March 2013

PrizeZombie Update

Hey PrizeZombie fans!  PZTV will be returning for a limited time for 1SL per 10 videos on March 4th until March 17th.  PrizeZombie is hoping to gain more members so they can get more advertisers.  More advertisers means more opportunities to earn.  Thanks to Amanda Cullen for the head's up.  Here is the official update from PrizeZombie's Facebook page:

" gift cards will be reduced to 800 SL for $5 cards and 780 for discounted $5 cards (prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuation).

March 4th PZTV will return for the US and Canada for a limited time*!

You will have the opportunity to watch 10 videos for 1 SL (we understand this isn't much). We continue to search for new video providers everyday so we can bring back PZTV.

We are always looking for additional earning opportunities for our members. If you know of any earning opportunities we are not yet utilizing please contact us through the site to tell us about it!

*ends March 17th"

Join me at PrizeZombie

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