Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mail Day Feb 20, 2013

Hey CMM&S fans!  Today's mail day was awesome!  I got mostly junk mail, which I didn't bother taking a photo of, but I got a really great coupon from Garnier.

They recently came out with a Contest where you can win one of 600 full-size products from their Pure Control line.  I had problems with the entry form like many others, but there was no announcement or many comments about it so I phoned them.  After explaining the problem that the form would not accept my birth date after many attempts, my very nice customer service rep offered me a free coupon for any Garnier Skin Care product, expiring 6 months from Feb 14, 2013 and no max value restrictions.

It arrived today with a letter and on a very regular looking piece of paper just saying "Gift Certificate", my name and the restrictions.  It is redeemable only in certain places like Shopper's Drug Mart, Uniprix, etc.  While it looks like something someone could whip up themselves, I did check under a light and it has watermarks that show up, so it can not be copied.  I haven't attempted to scan it, but some of these papers will have a magic "void" show up if you try to scan them to copy them.

I have added my own little CMM&S badges to the pictures so they can not be copied.  This is not a printable coupon.

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