Friday, 1 February 2013

Jan 2013 Reward Site Stats

Hey CMM&S fans!  This year I wanted to do something different and actually keep track of what I earn from my sites.  I am somewhat of a procrastinator with some things, so I think having a Tracking Challenge with the fans of CMM&S would be a good way for me to keep on top of tracking, and I also think it would be great to find out how much CMM&S fans have earned each month with their various sites, as well as our end of the year totals!  So post what you earned and do a breakdown of what you earned from where too!

I have already created a Google Spreadsheet of what I have earned this month and broke it down into the Site, Reward Value, Reward, Redemption Date and Received Date.  You can view the spreadsheet Here

In total in January 2013 I have redeemed for $239.51.  This includes all of my earnings from my various money-maker sites, referral earnings included.

So now that you can view the actual totals, let me give you some details about my rewards from each money-maker site.  Since this is the first month I'm doing this, I will give background details of previous reward earnings, etc for some of these.

As GiftHulk no longer has the $5.00 gift cards anymore, I have been saving up my HC for some time now.  On Jan 13, 2013 I was lucky enough to get a 5% store discount and I redeemed for a $30.00 gift card for 2991.55HC.  Normally the $30.00 gift cards are 3149HC, this makes them 104.96 HC per $1.00.  At this rate they are one of the highest reward requirements from my money-maker sites.  (US residents are still able to redeem for a $5.00 gift card for 439HC or 878.8 HC per $1.00).  My previous order was for a $5.00 gift card back on Oct 27, 2012.  

I earned this by doing my daily Treasure Box keys, the occasional video and the occasional search win along with my referral points. I find the Search Wins very rare, and because of their strict Search Policies I only search maybe once or twice a day.   At this time I have 91 Treasure Box keys, 5 of which are my starter keys and 38 from referrals who earned 50 or more HC since joining GiftHulk.

I have actually ordered my very first reward since joining Zoombucks.  On Jan 24, 2013 I cashed out for a $10.00 gift card.  I have yet to receive it, as it says it's pending for delivery by February 15, 2013.  I joined Zoombucks on July 28, 2013.  On this site, I do very little.  I try to remember to log in daily and get my 1ZB from visiting the Offer Walls, plus I also go to the ZDaily Homepage at least once and try to Search at least once.  I could put more effort in with this one and search more often as I believe their Search Rules aren't quite as strict, but I put most of my effort into other sites.

January 2013 I earned $20.00 with PrizeZombie.  I will be the first to admit I've totally been slacking with PrizeZombie.  I used to work to try and make my daily goals there, but I've been lazy and haven't been getting my daily goals very often.  They also seem to have changed the way the searches work.  Previously I would get Quads (4 Search Wins) in a day and earn between 5-7SL on the first, 2 - 4SL on the second and then get Jackpot Entry wins on the third and fourth win.  Now it seems to be mixed up, or more often that you'll get JackPot Entry wins.  A good portion of my earnings on PrizeZombie are thanks to my referrals.  I hope to get back into working at it more soon, and hope they come out with some new content as promised. 

I really miss the ShoutBox so I could chat with other PZ fans as well as see what offers were crediting right from the ShoutBox.  It kept me a lot more active there because I could see when my videos were crediting, and I had the option to chat with people.

January 2013 I was able to cash out for 5 x $5.00 and $25.00 PayPal cash.  I also saved up over 1,000SB as well that I couldn't cash out, but that will be part of February's total.  In December 2012 I cashed out a total of $55.00.  I have been with Swagbucks since June 2011 and it wasn't until about the end of August, beginning of September 2011 that I really got "into" it, especially with doing SBTV.  I have steadily earned at least $25.00 per month in gift cards.  This comes from doing my dailies and SBTV.  I am an SBTV junkie, if I'm online, I am doing SBTV.   The vast majority of my SB come from SBTV.

When SuperPoints closed down, I was left with a "void" in my money-maker sites I was using.  I needed something to fill up my time I was spending on SuperPoints, as well as to beef up my earnings again.  I joined PrizeZombie and ClixSense about the same time, and I little did I know that ClixSense would soon become my top earner.  It has definitely more than filled the void that was left by SuperPoints.  

In January 2013 I earned a whopping $129.51!  This is from doing tasks, surveys, paid to click ads and also my referral earnings.  This month my referrals helped me make an amazing $25.24, which is included in the $129.51 total, however I still earned over $100 on my own.

So for ease of use, for later, here is the breakdown of my earnings for January 2013

GiftHulk $30.00
Zoombucks $10.00
PrizeZombie $20.00
Swagbucks $25.00 and $25 PayPal
ClixSense $129.51 PayPal
Total = $239.51

I'd love to hear how much you earned in January 2013 from all your sites!  Please comment on the Blog to let us know, and we'll all keep track each month and find out how much CMM&S fans earned total at the end of the year.  I know I will far be from the top earner as some of you are amazing earning hundreds of dollars each month!


  1. wow, great job. this month i earned
    20$ from
    $8.11 from clixsense
    $35 from swagbucks
    $15 from
    total of $88.11

    1. Excellent job Mandy! I work from home so if it's really quiet I can spend time on my earning sites.

  2. From Amanda Cullen a US fan:

    Swagbucks $25.00
    GiftHulk: $10 PayPal and $10
    InstaGC: $10
    iRazoo: $5.00
    TellWut: $20.00

  3. Swagbucks - $25 *I took a bit of a break from trying to make the daily goals so I'm down a bit in earnings this month*
    ClixSense - $25.03
    I-Say - $15.00

    TOTAL - $65.03

  4. Nicole: Your number 1 fan <3 I made $75.00 in PayPal on Swagbucks :) My most ever in 1 month

  5. $25 from clixsense
    $25 swagbucks / paypal ( ordered end of jan but not received yet)
    $10 swagbucks
    $10 Web Perspectives

    $70 total.

    1. Congrats! Don't forget to leave your name! :)

  6. $50 Swagbucks (
    $20 Legerweb (cheque)
    $10 I-Say (iTunes)

    $80 total

  7. $30 Swagbucks Paypal
    $5 GiftHulk Paypal
    $15 PrizeZombie Paypal
    $5 Irazoo Paypal
    $10 MyPoints Old Navy gift card
    $10 ClizSence paypal
    $75 Total

    1. Congrats! Don't forget to leave your name! :)

  8. In January I made:

    $25 Amazon from Swagbucks
    $15 Paypal from GiftHulk
    $40 Total


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