Friday, 1 March 2013

Feb 2013 Reward Site Stats

Hey CMM&S fans, time for my February 2013 Reward Site Earnings post!

This month was not nearly as successful as January as I did not cash out on some of my sites, and I found that surveys and offers were lacking for me.  I also spent more time with family and other things I enjoy doing so I slacked off a bit too.

I still earned a nice chunk of change for the work I did put in and I'm hoping March brings more surveys and offers.

No cash out on GiftHulk this time, however I am up to 1244HC which includes referral earnings and working my way slowly towards enough points for another $30 gift card.  That or the $5 card and discount comes back, whichever comes first.  Last month I had 91 permanent treasure box keys, and now I'm up to 97 permanent keys.  5 of these are my starter keys and 42 are from active referrals, the rest I have earned either by searching or from the treasure box.

No earnings here for me.  I've been really bad this month with not logging in for my daily 1ZB and the ZDaily Homepage and a search.  I cashed out last month for $10 and I am up to 158ZB including referral earnings.

Another site with no reward for me this month.  I could have redeemed for a $5 gift card, however PrizeZombie has recently implemented their "Family Discount" program.  The get discounts on gift cards you must redeem for a $25 gift card of your choice for 2500SL.  Right now I'm currently at 612SL and most of this is referral earnings as I haven't been doing much here.  The offers and surveys here are worth less and there is nothing here that is a guaranteed earning of even 1SL like a daily poll.  So often I don't even visit since the Search Wins are not guaranteed SL, but could be offer wall bonuses or Survival Grid "spins".  I understand they need to make these changes to stay sustainable, but I am disappointed with the changes.  I try to maximize my earnings for the amount of time I spend on my sites and unfortunately PrizeZombie has less to offer.  Of course others might not see it this way.

Swagbucks is consistently one of my top earners.  This month I redeemed for 5 x $5 and a $25 PayPal.  By the end of the month I also had enough left over to order my 5 x $5 cards for March and I made the goal every day of February so I'm expecting a really nice bonus on March 5th!  I am going away on the 9th and 10th of March and I also have a work trip coming up in March so I don't think I'll make the goal every day, so it's good that I'm a bit ahead.

This month wasn't as good as last month for sure.  I had a lot fewer surveys and I didn't do any of the Paid to Call offers this month.  They were worth less and I never took the time to do them.  I did attempt many surveys, but had a lot of DQ's and where others had surveys, I didn't get anything.  However, I did earn $79.31 which is nothing to sneeze at, this includes $7.47 that was earned for me by referrals.  Since I cash out each Friday, I only count what I cashed out Friday, so technically I could count the cash out I received today, but that will go to March's total, so hopefully March will be better since it's a longer month.

So for ease of use, for later, here is the breakdown of my earnings for February 2013:

ClixSense: $79.31 PayPal
Swagbucks: $25.00 and $25.00 PayPal
GiftHulk: $0.00
PrizeZombie: $0.00
Zoombucks: $0.00

Total = $129.31

Last month I earned $239.51, so a whopping $100.20 difference compared to January.  I am hoping that surveys start being nicer to me again!

Please leave your earnings in the comments with your name so we can keep track at the end of the year what we earned!

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  1. Amanda Cullen:

    Swagbucks: $50
    Tellwut: $25 Walmart and $10 tellwut
    iRazoo: $5
    GiftHulk $10 Paypal
    InstaGC: $2

    Total = $102.00

  2. Karen Cail Hill:

    Swagbucks - $40 Amazon
    ClixSense - $39.08 PayPal

    Total : $79.08

    Not pay sites, but pay apps if you count them:
    Checkout51 - $20.50 Cheque
    FieldAgent - $17.00 PayPal
    FreshPoints - $20 Gas Card

    Total : $57.50

    Grand total : $136.58

  3. Susan G

    Swagbucks..$25.00 paypal
    Cantbeatfree..$20.00 paypal
    Unique Rewards..$20.00 paypal
    Dollars4Clix..$5.00 amazon

    Not sure if you count Cashback sites, but I have $79.51 from Ebates.

    1. Sure do Susan! Nice work! :)

      I just don't do Ebates and I don't have the apps like Checkout 51 or Freshpoints, or I'd count those too.

  4. $15 paypal (saved up for a while) $25 amazon (waiting for 25 paypal. but that will count towards march total) $10
    clixsense $20.38

    my total is: $70.38

    this month i took a bit of a break on my sites...i need to do that to keep my sanity LOL

    1. Great job Mandy! We all need to take breaks. I took a lot of breaks in February as well and I'm glad I did even if my rewards total is lower.


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