Friday, 9 November 2012

Prize Zombie A Potential New Earning Site

Hey guys.

A US fan of mine Erik Smith notified me to a new earning site called PrizeZombie

Their Facebook page suggests they opened up as BETA on November 4, 2012. Their user interface is a near copy of Swagbucks, though they have some elements of CantBeatFree with their Jackpot and their special offer walls. The currency on this site is Survival Loot, henceforth known on this as SL.

Currently they are offering all ex-Superpoints members an extra 30SL upon sign-up if you contact them and let them know. That makes your sign-up bonus 40SL for signing up, + 30SL for the ex-SuperPoints member bonus for a total of 70SL. To contact them, you can click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.

Rewards start off at 500SL for $5 and vary. They have,, PayPal and more. I am not yet recommending this as a replacement site for SuperPoints if you are looking for another place to earn, however I am personally looking into it and going to check it out. I am hoping to have a conversation with the PrizeZombie people to find out more about the company behind the website.  PrizeZombie has confirmed there is NO limit to rewards at this time.  You may redeem for as many rewards as you have points for.

If you Like their Facebook Page (offer on their slider bar at the top of the homepage) you can earn 5SL. This does not credit immediately and they noted on FB that it would credit within 24 hours.

Here are the ways to earn, from their website:

Search -
The Search & Win area is a search engine based on Google results. This is still a work in progress but still serves the purpose it is suppose to serve. It is also a clean search engine, which will not yield results for inappropriate material. There are some limitations to winning. Do not simply search one word or phrase and continue to hit the refresh button. This will get you banned from search wins. Do not search real fast over and over. You might get a message that notifies you of searching too fast. Simply search normally like you would at Google or Bing. There is a chance to win 3 times a day. Once you win, do not keep trying and trying. It will not work. Enjoy searching. NOTE, Search wins are between 5SL - 7SL per win and you could also win Jackpot entries.

~Tips for Searching~
PrizeZombie says to search in clusters with unique searches.  Going to the next pages in a single search doesn't really help your win chances, but unique searches do.  Try 3 or 4 searches within a reasonable time period (not one immediately seconds after another)...but a few minutes or so.  They are trying to make searching better, but this is okay for now.  You will not be able to get a win again for a few hours.

Games -
Games are relatively easy. Right now, you can earn only 5 Survival Loot by playing 10 games. This will increase once PrizeZombie can see how well it does. Just go to the games section and start playing. You will receive increments of 0.5 for each game played for a certain amount of time.

Surveys -
Surveys are exactly what they are listed as. PrizeZombie put together a rather extensive amount of surveys to do. More will certainly follow.

Daily Goal -
The Daily Goal compiles all points compiled throughout the day and rewards you with a Daily Bonus at the end of each day, depending on whether the goal was reached. Typically the goal will range anywhere from 50 - 150. Many different variables are considered in order to determine the Daily Goal so that it is realistic to reach. * Meter resets at 12:05 am EST : Anything crediting
between 12 - 12:05 will not count toward the goal *

Tasks -
CrowdFlower puts up tasks daily and it is separated from the other offer walls. Go do your tasks in this section and get the most out of your time. Simply click on one of the tasks and follow instructions. Its that easy.

Codes -
On occasion, PrizeZombie does release codes to redeem. A code can be placed in the box on the homepage or in the blog area. Most codes will show up in random places around the site, on Facebook, and Twitter. Simply be on the lookout for codes. NOTE, there is currently a 10SL code out on Facebook. Enter "BETA" in their version of the GimmeBox on their homepage.

Special Offers -
The Special Offers section is a compilation of several leading offer walls. Peanut Labs is currently working on the issue with their wall and right now it currently does not work. This issue should eventually be solved. Please continue to fulfill offers on the many other walls. These offers typically all credit.  Make sure to pay close attention to the Virool wall.  Videos are updated on this wall regularly.  I tend to refresh this page every 15 minutes to check if there are new videos.  Do want to mention that Chrome seems to be the best browser to ensure that these videos credit. 

PrizeZombieTV AKA PZTV -
The TV was installed recently and while PrizeZombie does not make anything from it, we still reward you all for watching these videos. Right now, PrizeZombie rewards 2 points for every 10 videos up to 5 times a day. Potential for 10 points a day. The more you all watch, that could change quickly and increase though.

Referrals and Jackpot -
At this moment you will receive 10% from Surveys, Offers, CPC, and tasks. You do not currently receive a bonus when you refer someone.

Other Features:

Sweepstakes -
If you wish to gamble and attempt to get extra Survival Loot, prizes, or eGift Cards at an amazing deal, invest some of your Survival Loot. You could get a $5 eGift Card for only 12 Survival Loot! Amazing!

Coupons -
US Coupons

Shop&Earn -
US Only so far

The word regarding Multiple Accounts per Household from Facebook:
Each individual in the household may have their own account, however, other members living in the same household cannot be each others referral. We do this so that we can offer users the most for the things they do on the site. We would be more than happy to credit you with the additional 30 SL Super Points member sign-up bonus. We are terribly sorry for your unfortunate experience with Super Points. If you are comfortable with telling us your username here we can get you the credit or you can contact us through the site.

Regarding Offers not crediting, from their FB page:
"If you have not received credit from an offer under the PrizeZombie offer wall within a few days of doing an offer you may submit a ticket and we can contact our advertisers to see what the issue is. We will do everything possible to make sure you get the points you deserve. If you did not receive credit from one of the other offer walls you would follow the normal procedure of contacting that specific offer wall. If the offer wall will not respond or refuses to credit you and you believe you deserve credit we can help contact them on your behalf. Please remember that if you did not get credit that also means we didn't receive the credit that is why we have to contact the advertisers. We will be updating the information concerning referral later today. 10% referral bonus does not include sign-up bonuses, search wins, PZTV, jackpot, referral contest earnings or games. We do this so that we can offer the most for the things users do on the site. We hope this clears things up a bit more."

So, I am going to investigate this site further, and give it a chance. They've been pretty active on Facebook and I've already received my ex-SuperPoints member bonus and have done some of their offers on their offer wall. Some things are not yet working, but PZTV, Games and their OfferWall have credited me so far. If you're curious as well and would like to join, click HERE


  1. Today, I found an email from GiftHulk consoling me on SuperPoints scamming and inviting me to join GiftHulk. They provided a $1 Amazon Gift Code (which worked, by the way) to "put a smile on my face". That was very nice of them, I'm currently checking them out and they look very good and solid to me.

  2. Hi Emma! You're the first person I've heard of that happening to, congrats!

    I too use GiftHulk and like the site, I have a tips page on my Blog if you would like to check it out.


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