Monday, 19 November 2012

Prize Zombie Update!

Happy exciting update!  PrizeZombie has updated their list of available cards for Canadians!

This includes, and!  These are also on sale as of today for 1050 for $10, and PayPal is on sale as well! If you don't have enough points yet, hopefully they stay on sale for the rest of the week, but I do have two offers I did that may help you get there:

Check recently credited offers for NPD - Canada Online Survey (DOI) for 66SL. You must register, fill out your information and then click the link in the email they send you. This is a basic survey you must complete with your details. It will have a "how did you like this survey" question, but you're not finished. You need to fill out another survey about your shopping habits. Once this is complete, you'll see a page saying "Thank you for your participation in this NPDOR study!"

"You just earned 25 SweepLand Points!"

This is when the offer is finished, and you should receive your SL

Check recently credited offers for TravelZoo for 18SL. Just sign up with your email address and postal code and then when the email comes click on one of the links in the email to confirm your email address. Was pretty much instant credit after I clicked an offer from my email.
Join me at PrizeZombie

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