Tuesday, 13 November 2012

CantBeatFree Update and Code

Hey CantBeatFree fans, have some sad news regarding the CrowdFlower Wall on CantBeatFree.

J is only allowing the Crowdflower wall for "Active" users.  These users are those whom he states don't get all or most of their points from Crowdflower.  Unfortunately for me, this is where most of my points come from, and I no longer have access to this wall. 

J did provide a Code, you can visit the News and watch the video for more details and obtain the code and enter it in the Promo Code box

Here is what J wrote in the News regarding the change:

"Crowdflower is for Active CBF users only 11-12-2012

I wanted to use the news as a chance to clarify my new Crowdflower wall rule. Due to massive technical problems between Shiftcode and Crowdflower I have decided to limit the Crowdflower wall to Active CBF users only. You do not have to be on every day etc however please do not apply for this wall when you get more then 80% of your points from tasks. As long as you do NOT get the majority of your points from Crowdflower then I will consider you active.

If not for my love of my active users Crowd flower would be gone altogether. However in this way when the next Crowdflower issue occurs as I am sure it will I will have a limited mess to clean up instead of this massive mess I have currently to clean up.

If you primarily used Crowdflower for your points then I wish you well however you will not be approved for the CBF CF wall. Furthermore the active status will be reviewed on each payout request to ensure continued eligibility."


  1. that sucks! and i was just starting to get the hang of it... :-/

  2. Sorry doll! You can try and email J and ask for him to bring it back.


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