Friday, 16 November 2012

PrizeZombie Update!

Hey PrizeZombie fans! Little bit of bad news.  It appears that Google has decided to pull their ads from the site.  PrizeZombie is working to get the ads back, but in the meantime Games have been put back down to 0.1SL per game so you will earn a total of 1SL per 10 games.  And CPC has been removed temporarily.  The Cheapflights offer has been moved to Other in the PrizeZombie offers.

Here is the info straight from Facebook:

"We are temperarily reducing the amount games pay out back to .1 and removing the CPC section. We apologize as Google recently removed their ads from our site. We are unsure why this has happened so we are attempting to appeal to get the ads back. It seems that they think we are incentivizing members to click on Google ads when this simply is not the case. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause our members! Cheapflights offers will be moved over to the 'other' tab on the PZ offer wall soon so people can continue to do those."
Poor PrizeZombie, not sure why Google would remove their ads? There is nothing on the site that says to click on the ads whatsoever.  And they allow their ads on Swagbucks, which is the same type of site.  I home PrizeZombie can work through this to get their ads back.

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