Saturday, 10 November 2012

Walmart Disappointment but Toys R Us saves the day!

Hey guys, just back from shopping!

So remember when I told you that I couldn't order from Walmart Canada because site wasn't working with the Furbies I ordered?  They ended up contacting me, but gave me the run-around saying it was my credit card even though the person I originally talked to on Tuesday said it was an issue with the Furbies.  I  also never even GOT the payment point, because their checkout wasn't working, so how could it be my credit card?

It's now Saturday and it's STILL not working. 

So, frustrated with the website we went to our regular Walmart, and they hardly had any stock of Furbies, and only had one blue one and none of the purples.  PLUS, they did not have it for their special price.  We ~could~ have grabbed the blue one and gotten SCOP for $10 off, but we didn't have the special flyer, so would have had to come home and we would have had to go somewhere else for the two purple Furbies anyway.   So, further frustrated we decided to go to Toys "R" Us Canada right near to check out their price.

Their price was $59.99, but they had a huge sign saying they would Ad Match, so I went up to customer service, mentioned the Walmart special toy flyer that is good from Nov 2nd to Nov 15th and that we were wondering if they would price-match Walmart's toy flyer.  She said they do, and we were going to leave and come back later...but she asked me what we were wanting to price-match for.  When I mentioned the Furby, she says that's fine, we will match it automatically and just to tell the cashier.  

So they had a HUGE stock of the Furbies, and we got the 1 blue and 2 purple ones at the sale price as well as a video game for our son.  We ended up doing two transactions because they had 25 bonus Airmiles when you spend $75.  We did end up buying their warranty for the Furbies for $8.99 each because we heard there were issues with some of them and didn't want to have a broken Furbie a couple months later and no replacement for our nieces.

So, Walmart lost out on our purchase and the 3 warranties which are usually mostly profit for them, and in the end we ended up getting 50 bonus Airmiles, + the regular Airmiles we receive for our purchase, which doesn't equal the almost $7 I would have received back through Swagbucks Canada on Tuesday, but I no longer have to fight with the site and since the special was only for Tuesday I would have only gotten $2.50 or so back with the 1SB per dollar anyway.

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