Thursday, 8 November 2012

CantBeatFree Virool Videos

Hey CantBeatFree fans!  I just logged into CBF and checked out my Virool wall and there are at least 8 videos there!  If you haven't checked it out today, head there now to see if you have any.  Remember each video is worth 1 point.  Watch it for at least 2 minutes, then click the X at the top right to close it.  Your Virool wall should refresh and when you check history you should have one point.  If the page doesn't automatically refresh to remove the video, check history that you got credit and manually refresh the page.


  1. I stopped using this site many months ago, but I logged in for the hell of it last week. Surprise! I had about 400 pts in my account. So I did a few more offers and cashed out for $5. Waited a couple days, still no payment, logged in to see what was wrong......

    wait for it......


    I had VIP status there, lol. No idea how/why I got banned. They could have just pre-banned me for inactivity and taken my points, but they had to wait until I earned them an extra buck.

    Well, I'm back to Gifthulk - they are just much more reliable - paid me countless times already.

  2. As far as I'm aware, CantBeatFree is no longer in operation, hence I removed the links/info from the site. Didn't remove all the old stuff. Sorry it took so long to get back to you as I have not been active on the blog in some time.


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