Thursday, 1 November 2012

Earning Opportunities

Hey money-maker fans.  Check out your favourite money-makers to see if you have some of these earning opportunities.

People are reporting a couple of surveys on Peanut Labs.  Including a 5 minute one for Vodka, that some of us got last week as well as an Interac Money Transfer survey that credit instantly.  I completed the Interac Money Transfer survey on Swagbucks for 60SB

There is also a new offer on TrialPay for AutoTrader.  Click the link, provide a short review and then Register on the site.  Once you've registered, click the activation link in the email and create a "nickname", credits instantly.  I completed this on Swagbucks for 23SB.

For you CantBeatFree fans, I had 4 new videos on Virool today.

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